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"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App

(Jimmy) #650

Can you show me where SmartThings ever officially supported the “Smart Energy Switch” to begin with?

(JIm) #651

I may have asked this before, but don’t see an answer.

When I installed the new connect app it automatically created a presence thing that I didn’t have before. This in addition to the one from the classic app. When I installed the new app on my wife’s phone, it did not create a new presence thing.

I notice in automations in the new app if you want to base something on presence the only presence that shows up is the one it created for me. There is no option for my wife’s phone. I have checked all the location settings, etc.

This is not a problem as I am not using any of that at this time, but puzzled as to what might be going on.

(Jimmy) #652

Have you checked if “use location information” is turned on in the settings in her app?

(JIm) #653

Yep. Checked that and any other setting I can think of.

(JIm) #654

Figured it out. When you turn on ‘Use Location Information’ there apparently is a sub menu under that. It doesn’t show up automatically. You have to open it and turn on the hub location there. Certainly not intuitive.

(JIm) #655

Just noticed something else. In the Classic app there is the Alexa smartapp. That does not show up in the new app.

EDIT: Never mind. It shows up under settings, connected services. Sheesh, things are confusing…:slight_smile:

(JIm) #656

What determines in Smartapps in the new Connect app whether it has the disable switch? I see some of them do and some don’t. Some of the ones I’ve written have it and some of the ones I’ve written don’t have it.

Forgive all these questions, but I’m trying to get as famialiar with the new app as much as I can before I have to really use it.

(JIm) #657

Been playing around with the automations in the new app, mainly for learning purposes. Found something that is a big stumbling block.

I have a virtual switch that I use to have Alexa trigger a routine in the Classic app. Then within the routine I turn that switch back off. Saves having to turn it off manually.

In the new app Automations, there apparently is no way to turn off the switch that triggers the automation. If you try to enter it it says you can’t do that. I tried creating a scene to turn it off, then calling the scene from the automation. Can’t do that either. It must be looking and no matter which route you take, it won’t allow it. So not sure how I can ever make that work.

(JIm) #658

Another thing I noticed. If you create an automation in the new app, when you hit save it runs the automation whether the trigger conditions are met or not. Does the same thing if you hit edit and then save. Not good as something then occurs that you are not expecting.

(Jimmy) #659

You could use smart lighting to turn off the virtual switch after 1 minute. I don’t recall the automation running after saving.

(JIm) #660

In Smart Lighting you can turn off the control device also, but you can’t just turn off the controlling device.

For example. If switch1 comes on turn on Light1. What I need to do is have switch1 turn back off, but not light1. If you create something that says if switch1 comes on then turn off switch1, I’m not sure switch1 would stay on long enuf to trigger whatever other automation I have set up in an automation. And there is no time setting that I can see for that scenario.

In the automation running when edited. I set one up that said if button1 is on and mode is home then turn on light1. I did make sure it said all conditions must be met. But everytime I saved it turned on light1. Even tho button1 was off. After that it worked fine, but annoying when I made an edit that it triggered.

(MarkTr) #661

You need to create a Smart Lighting rule using “Power Allowance”.

(JIm) #662

I don’t see Power Allowance as an option.

(MarkTr) #663

Smart Lighting, pick device, Turn Off, select trigger -> scroll all the way down.

(JIm) #664

Ok. Found it. What does that actully mean? In any event, should do what I want.

(MarkTr) #665

It means you’ll allow it to use power for N minutes (not that it can consume up to N watts, which is what the name could be read to suggest).

(JIm) #666

You know what would be nice. If ST or Samsung could tell us what features, that are now missing, that will be supported in the new app. Kinda get an idea of what we might have to do in the future. One that comes to mind is text notices. With the unreliability of push notices right now, text messages is really helping me.


It would be nice if I won the lottery too. Both are about as likely.

(JIm) #668

I notice that there is no way in the new connect app to set the SHM, other than from the dashboard. In the old version you could set it from a routine at least.

Anyway, I can’t find any way to do it. Makes it kinda useless in my opiniion.

(Jimmy) #669

Wrong. You can use time or the new SmartThings button :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: