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"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App

(Dan) #608

I do recall that at one point I had to re-login into the classic app. During that process, I had to choose “New Account”, but then was able to log in with my new Samsung account. It didn’t create a new account.

You might also end up with an extra “Location” in your account. There are numerous discussions regarding how to remove the extra empty location after setting the correct Default location.

Don’t panic if it looks like everything is gone from your account. Search the forums for the instructions as many have already done the account migration.

Lots of good advice in this thread

(Paul) #610

I got the message today in the iOS app and as far as I can tell it all went perfectly. It specifically tells you at the end of the process to continue using the classic app. I already had the new iOS app installed anyway, so logged into it and saw that everything looked fine. The old app still works as well as it ever did.

(JIm) #611

Of course I’m still using the Classic app, but look at the new one from time to time to see the differences. What I can’t seem to figure out. In the new app the THINGS seem to be in no particular order. Makes it very hard to find something. Is there a way to alphabetize them? Like in the old app.

(Paul) #612

Tap and hold on an item and you can drag it to a new place in the list. It works in the Dashboard view too.

(JIm) #613

That worked. Kinda a pain to re-organize them all tho. Thanks for the help.

(Paul P) #614

Hey all, full disclosure, I didn’t read all 600 posts on this thread. However, like many of you I can’t find answers to some very basic questions. For a variety of reasons, I went nuclear and rebooted my hub and recreated my whole environment on the new app. Here are my questions:

Now I want to add some custom device handlers. Which IDE do I use? I want to start from scratch there as well.

Can I use both app (new and classic) concurrently? I believe I can, but I want to start from scratch with my Samsung login on classic as well. How do I do that? My Samsung and legacy ST logins use the same email, so that exacerbates an already confusing situation.

Thanks all. And apologies if I’m hijacking, but I’m also confused as to where to even post questions. Is there a separate community or sub-section just for the new app?

(Nathan Curtis) #615

Please read the thread. Every one of these questions are answered here… But I will sum up.

  1. new app doesn’t use DTH / groovy style custom code or smartapps. Some are visible but you can’t control them
  2. use classic if you require custom DTHs and smartapps.
  3. there is not feature parity between new and classic but. It’s getting better… Slowly they upgraded the SHM experience in new this weekend in fact.
  4. yes you can login to classic and new with the same Samsung ID.
  5. use the old IDE and classic to install and operate custom devices
  6. Samsung will eventually migrate your SmartThings ID to a Samsung ID but if there’s nothing left there you probably an abandon the account. You may have weirdness happen when Samsung gets around to migration on the old ID. Be prepared.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #616

The new Device Type Handler API for local (ZigBee / Z-Wave … and maybe LAN) is not yet published. “Coming soon” according to the page. I’ll leave it up to you to RTFM.

(Paul P) #617

Ah thanks so much. Yeah, apologies, didn’t have time to read the 600 posts. Wading through, but I need to get my doors setup way before that will happen so thanks again.

So I feel like I’ve read that there are now multiple IDEs. Did I misunderstand?

Sounds like I need a visit to both my old account (ST) IDE (to wipe clean) and new (Samsung) as well. That is a great call out hadn’t even thought about what happens when my abandon account suddenly gets migrated into my new one.

Yes, very familiar with the lack of parity on features. I’m one of those people on the cusp of mass market (where I think the new app is focused) and power user (classic and certainly everyone on this forum) so I’m ok with the new app for the most part, but I’m sure that will change as I try to reconfigure, better integrate with Google, custom automations, etc. I think the new app will get there, and the rearchitecture had to happen from Samsung POV.

Anyway, now I’m spouting. Thanks for the help.


You’re in the right place as far as asking questions and expressing concerns about the differences between the new app and Classic. :sunglasses:

There’s also a section under mobile apps dedicated just to the new “smartthings (Samsung connect)“ app, which people mostly use to discuss features in new releases but might also be of interest.

As far as the fact that this thread has 600 posts, yeah. This is the one where people are bringing up specific issues, listing general opinions, making jokes, pretty much all kinds of reactions.

There is a much more concise thread which is to be used only to list the differences between the two apps. Please do not post questions in that thread, come back here if you have questions. But if you just want a shorter read for what the differences are, try this one:

And the following thread might also be of interest:

(Surendar) #619


I’m developing an android. Is it possible to integrate Samsung ST in my App so that if user has ST, he should be able to login and see all devices connected to his ST and also will be able to control them.
Are there APIs exposed for this or any SDK available.

(Jimmy) #620

(Surendar) #621

Thank for the quick response. I’ve gone through all the docs available on ST portal, there are APIs to add our own devices (if we are iot manufacturer) and we can control only those devices because we’ll have only those client_secret and client_code with us.

There are 100s of devices supported by Smartthing. If I want all users to control all those devices which they have with them using my Mobile Application instead of Samsung Smartthing app , is it even feasible ?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #622

Samsung has not revealed the exact scope and/or limitations of the new API; however, quite a lot is feasible.

For example, I am a co-founder of ActionTiles (written using the old API, with expectations the new API will give us at least the same or similar level of functionality).

We offer consulting and similar services if you contact us at

(JIm) #623

Something I noticed when I installed the new app on my phone. It created a new thing for presence. I almost didn’t see it. And the strange thing, it shows up in the classic app but not in the new app. I already had phone presence from the classic app and it is still there. But now there is 2 presence items. Going to do some checking to see if there is any difference in performance.

(Jimmy) #624

Yup, and both don’t work at the same time. At least for me.

(Bob Kerr) #625

I lost confidence in the “old” mobile presence or even the presence sensors, so had no expectations that the “new” mobile presence would be any better. However, since the migration to new app, I have been using the “new” mobile presence for each of the phones in the family and I must say, I am very impressed, so far. My garage door opens right as I reach the driveway :wink: And in a month or so, I had 0 false positives. That in itself is a major achievement lol.

(JIm) #626

I have been using a combination Life360 and ST presence to enable and disable the alarm system. It has worked fine for months. An occasional glitch, but mostly very timely.

Lately it has become very slow in responding. It shows us being gone later and arriving later. We actually have to wait at the garage door sometimes before the alarm is shut off. It used to be off when we were a 1/2 block away. And it is both my wife’s and my phones. The time is pretty much the same.

Since it is both ST and Life360 that are delayed it is not necessarily an ST problem. It appears to be a location update issue with the phones. But I can’t seem to find any thing different than before. Checked battery optimizations, etc. All seems to be ok. And since it is both phones it points to an Android issue.

I did check the timing between the old app presence and the new app presence and they were the same. I was hoping maybe the new presence would fix the issue, but apparently not.


That is why I have switched to Life360 for presence tracking.


Are you using advanced “Battery Optimization” on Android? If so, you need to go intro the Battery settings in the Settings menu and look for all of these (SmartThings, Life360, IFTTT, etc.,) apps and change the optimization settings to “Don Not Optimize”. I had to do this. This new feature on Androids helps kill the background tasks in order to save battery.