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Smartthings Classic vs Smartthings app (Duplicate topic)

Hi All,

First time post after searching for ages.
Is there some kind of comparability issue between the new smartthings app (previously connect) and the smartthings classic app?

Custom device handlers seem to work flawlessly and display as intended in the classic app. Yet the same device in the new smartthings app doesn’t enable any functionality for a custom device handler unless you make a corresponding app to use it with.

This seems a little inconvenient for something as simple as a light bulb (in my case an aeotec rgbw) I can go to classic app and turn on and off dim set colour etc all from the device tile.
Yet in the new app which is advised to use I just get a tile with no controls at all and when pressed on I get “can’t connect to device”

Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

There are a lot of features still missing from the new app. Stick with the classic app until they reach parity.

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There is another thread that has been open on this topic for quite some time. Browse through it and a lot of your questions will be answered:

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See the FAQ. (This is a clickable link.)

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@nastevens can you close this topic as it is a duplicate of an ongoing conversation of the same title as posted above?

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Thank you.

And thanks to all I didn’t realise or come across the existing thread regarding this so I do apologise. I will stick with the classic and wait an update to the new app.