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"SmartThings Classic" (V2 app) vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" (V3 app)

You can edit names —> Devices > 3 dots > edit > click on device and from there you can edit the name and/or select room assignment


Dashboard > Notification history > activity

This is kinda true. The only device list i’ve seen that isn’t sorted at all is Manage Dashboard. It’s totally random and can change each time you view it. Others either sort by Rooms (with no visual indicator/break of different rooms) or sort alphabetically. It is super annoying that there isn’t one consistent way that a device list is sorted, though.

does everyone else get legacy names in the new app, i have devices that have joined using the classic app, classic labels them as thing, i rename them and change the DH`s to suit, if i go into the new app -thing- is still listed as a legacy name and cannot be accessed although its new name can be, so i get left with legacy names
If i delete the legacy name, i delete the device, new name and legacy name, basicaly i uninstall the device by deleting an old legacy name

or is that just me and my wierd setup ?

Going to the IDe does not help, the legacy names do not show there

Sometimes renaming requires me to force close the new app and re-launch it for the new name to show up.

Nope, it’s not you. There are sync issues between the 2 apps.

Its all i can do to stop myself from deleting the tiles which are sat doing nothing…

Drives me mad

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Very similar to what happened to me, except that my code did not work after wiping everything and performing reset. I even went out and bought a new v3 hub while support tries to fix my v2. My new hub will not talk to zigbee devices…

Still Currently?

It would REALLY be nice to be able to use location (phone arrives at Home) to control the security mode (Armed -Stay)… and even better: All Phones Leave Home to control the security mode (Armed - Away)…

Also - scheduling the security mode to switch to (Armed - Away) from midnight to 6am…

Scenes support for changing location mode (Home, Away, etc…) is finished from the dev perspective, so will be available soon in an upcoming update to the mobile app.

I sent a message to our product manager in regards to setting the security mode. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been prioritized or exposed via rules yet. I personally agree with your opinion here. Will let you know what they say though probably won’t get a response until Monday. There is internal discussion around in what cases “set security mode” should be allowed. So it is currently being discussed by the product team. Currently, you should be able to set the security mode based off a schedule - here is a screenshot of the setting, the condition HAS to be time based as of now:

I’d also like to mention that a lot of the work that has been going into scenes/rules (specifically custom automations) in the new app (on the backend/server side which is what my team is responsible for) is under the covers and in preparation for getting them to run locally on the hub. The consolidation to a single API for these is complete, which was a huge effort, we’re in a better place to get features out now that this is done so hopefully soon you will see more velocity in new features/functionality in these areas.


+1 for being able to set security based on presence. If not incorporated that feature, as well is momentary virtual switches, will be greatly missed.

Thanks for the update! I didn’t notice the Change Security Mode in the schedules - that helps some.
Although it would really be nice to say:

If Schedule Time - and - both phones are “home”
Then set security mode to Away… (full motion and alarm sound turned on)

I’m not a “Classic” user, so I’m looking forward to seeing what is to come…

Thanks for the updates @vlad One other interesting thing coming down the pipe is a combo pin pad contact sensor that has a presence fob. Surely this will be able to set SHM.

This is fine, but I also really hope the development team is listening to feedback about the overall usability of the new app (Rooms, how devices are viewed, and a lot of other feedback in this community).

Once ST support resolves my almost 2 month old ticket on why the new app is not in sync with Classic, I may actually try using the new app one day and work on some of my DTH’s to make them work in the new app.


Me too. About half my devices are missing from the new app. Also reported to support.


So @vlad (and anyone else in ST who would think the following suggestion from ST support is outrageous and unacceptable), do you think I would actually delete everything and start over (almost 300 devices) just so I can have a worse experience with the new app? This can’t be a serious suggestion from support!


My favorite part of that reply is the last line about “if this still doesn’t work…” . Seriously? I’m expected to nuke years of setup that’s working just fine in the Classic app, and all I get from support is “seems like” this may work? BTW, I just asked for escalation, and was just told “sorry, but you’re screwed” by your “higher team”.

Are you guys trying to tell me that when the day comes that Classic will be dead that I must delete everything and start over? Count me out if that’s the case.

I’ve been trying to accept and work with the new app, despite all the negative feedback, as well as commit time and effort to make my custom DTH’s work with it, and participate in numerous hub betas. If I have to start over, I might as well put my time and effort into Hubitat.

I’m so angry right now that I’m stopping here because anything I say isn’t gonna be nice. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

@ogiewon, one step closer for me…


I’m mad just reading about it! I can’t imagine how you feel. :rage:

There have been at least two previous occasions when support erroneously told a customer that they would have to delete everything and start over with the new app. There seems to be a flaw in the script that sometimes takes them to that answer when it shouldn’t.

In one case it was someone who had a Samsung TV on one location and all their older stuff in a different location and they were told they would have to remove all devices from the hub and reset it. Which is not true. They just had to move everything from the old location to the new location, which are the instructions in the official knowledge base.


I think I saw that one as well. It’s a shame to be a witness to the demise of ST’'s support. I remember much different and better days, but unfortunately those are gone (and some of the people too). It is all script based support, and I see it elsewhere unfortunately.




Wow! That’s pretty shocking.

Where/when was this announced?