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"SmartThings Classic" (V2 app) vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" (V3 app)


Have you found it to have enough customizability? (new word) I have a number of custom device handlers - how do you handle that with Hubitat?

Will WebCoRE work with Hubitat? lolz just kidding. :laughing:

(Joe) #159

No one has ported it over officially, but there is a couple of posts where people have been known to get it to work. I hear it’s a ton of code. It does have a rules engine called Rule Machine. Rule Machine was a predecessor to CoRE which was a Predecessor to WebCoRE.

Basically all of the devices I’ve tried to pair so far have worked and now run locally. Even the ones that I had a custom device type for.

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Well that’s freakin’ impressive.

(Dan) #161

Thanks! :wink:

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Hubitat? say what now?


Been a thread on I for quite a while:

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(jkp) #164

repost from another thread…


Repeated again right above. And you didn’t even need to search yourself :slight_smile: .

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(Eric M) #166

Does anyone know if the new app will support the V1 hub? I haven’t upgraded to V2 waiting for a V3 . Thanks

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(Dave) #167

Some hope yet re custom device handlers…

“You will be able to access your SmartApps in the new SmartThings app. Custom commands and attributes, self-published devices, however, are not currently supported. We understand how important these features are to you, and are working to enable those in the new app. For now, you do not need to do anything. Use the SmartThings Classic app as usual. We will let you know when your features are ready to be transitioned to the new SmartThings app.”

(Joel W) #168

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am scared SXXT about how this is going to play out. As @tgauchat said, if SmartThings does this wrong it will cause an avalanche, which they will not be able to stop. They have to get their act together, as the way this thing has progressed is not good. And the amount or should I say lack of information and contact is appalling.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #169

I didn’t say that.

I said that folks around here are presuming that SmartThings will get it wrong or are already getting it wrong, and also presuming that it matters to the greater strategic goals of SmartThings.

No avalanche is in sight.


Just some falling rocks for customers to avoid.



FYI, here are Services tied to the Samsung side. Only a couple of these are active at this time:


Question, I like to make small changes to DTHs and SmartApps to suit my personal use. A couple examples: I tweaked the color output on my Osram bulb to better match my other lights. And I edited in fake color temperature support to my SmartLife RGB controller so I could tell Alexa to set it to warm white.

Can I still do that in the new system? Or will I have to get changes approved to use them or something? Because playing around and tweaking stuff is one of the main fun and useful parts of SmartThings for me.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #173

Though the new API is “just” in public Beta and incomplete in functionality, we’ve been told that personal publication will still be an option.

Widespread use of GitHub or other methods of distribution to other SmartThings customers will be discouraged, however; And to make up for that, the new “publication process” will be much more streamlined.


can you attach the smartthings hub to the new app, i can’t figure out how to do this.

edit: latest update looks like it added a hub icon

edit 2: can the hub be in both classic and new at the same time?


Yes. The Hub displays as a device in the new app and if you select it, it shows all connected devices to the hub.


So, device’s with custom DTHs will or won’t work?

(Jody) #177

They won’t yet. Which is one of the reasons we are telling people to continue with classic until all of the new developer tools are in place. There will be custom devices in the new app eventually.