Smartthings Classic - how do I create a recurring SHM alert?

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up a recurring alert in the Smartthings Classic app for when a z-wave connected deadbolt is left in the unlocked state. I have configured the Custom Smart Home Monitor SmartApp.

The settings I’ve configured are:

  • what kind of device you want to use: lock
  • select locks: selected the required lock
  • what do you want to monitor: lock unlocks
  • for how long (minutes): 1 minutes
  • how frequently: once within this number of minutes: 2

I am getting an alert for the 1 minute that the door is left unlocked, but the recurring alert for every 2 minute is not working. Am I missing something here?

You cannot have recurring alerts in SHM. The “how frequently” setting defines the time interval in which SHM will mute actions should the condition trigger again. It acts as essentially a hysteresis feature to filter out “noise” to prevent the alerts from being generating every time the condition is met.

You’ll need to install and use WebCORE to create an automation with recurring alerts.