Smartthings can't start Samsung 6 series TV?

My 2017 samsung 6series TV conected Smartthings app yesterday. But Smartthings just can close the TV. But it can’t open the tv. I still need the remote to open the TV. Is it right? Or I need setup something else?


that seems consistent with other peoples experience

This probably isn’t a solution for most people, but these TV’s support wake on LAN. Using that feature would require the TV to be connected to your network with Ethernet (although wireless wake on LAN is a thing that exists, I’ve never tried it). You can then set up a piston in webcore to send the wake on LAN signal to your TV.

Salve, il televisore risponde perfettamente al wake on lan, c’è modo di implementarlo con un device handler?

This is an English forum, but I used google translate on your question.

@TAustin has a brand new Edge-based wake on lan driver that you could test out.

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