SmartThings Camera?

I’m looking to install outdoor cameras that interface with my SmartThings 2.0 Hub.
I’m wanting it to be WiFi, waterproof and have night vision. Any recommendations?

Additionally, I want it to take snapshot when there is motion and store that locally (or cloud should be fine), but I want to be able to view it from the Phone App. How have you guys already accomplished this?

If you search the community for Foscam then you will see a bunch of threads that discuss about integrating Foscam camera. The FI 9803P is a decent camera for outdoor installation and using community developed apps and device types it can be integrated to ST. I have 2 in my house.

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To be able to do this inside the SmartThings mobile app you need to use one of the camera models that is supported by the official video integration for the hub V2. See the official FAQ at the following clickable link:

Community members have also done some integration with some other camera models, but it will be for stills only and there maybe other feature limitations. See the V1 camera FAQ: