SmartThings Cam $20 (may be out-of-stock)

I have some reliability concern with this camera, have been running for like 1 week plus or so today I just found the live view is not working but the motion detection with person to save video is working, very interesting behavior, although a simple unplug/plug fixed the issue but I don’t think it could be used for anything more than casual, compared to Amazon cloud cam which I have 2 running for like 2 years or so I seldom have any issue except I accidentally unplug it myself, I don’t know if it is due to the heat or my internet was down for days a few days ago

Thanks @saosinx88 I completely overlooked using automation…Got to love the new ST app :).

I set up my automation but have yet to get it to actually record. It does send me the notification that motion was detected just no recording occurring. Do you have “recording automatically” checked in the device settings as well? My goal is it only record in specific modes and not ALL the time as that will just be overkill and not the privacy I am looking for.

I just tested this again…

Automatic recording was set to off. The only thing different is that I had the condition set to Armed(away). Works fine.

I’m curious if the camera was powered off before the automation was initiated. The reason I ask, is I’m thinking if it has to power on and subsequently initiate the recording something might go screwy, or the fact that since the camera is off, the motion can’t be detected.

Do the clips show up, if you just have the camera set to automatically record, rather than with the Away status?

Yeah I had powered cycled the camera a couple times after making the automation the other night. If I set the camera (in device settings) to automatically record the clips show up fine. Clearly understand why this camera is 20 bucks now and no one wants them LOL. I guess worst case I have a camera that I use as a powered motion sensor and can check in when I want manually…

I have one camera I have not unpackaged yet so will give that a try at some point as well.

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Maybe try it with the default Smartthings Home Monitor modes? At least in my case, it works with Armed(away) if I set it up that way, and subsequently test it by setting STHM as Armed(away).

STHM has some problems of it’s own, so I imagine using a combination of modes wouldn’t help anything.

Anyway, I’ll experiment some more at some point… Not so bad at $20. My major complaint is that it has a huge outgoing bandwidth footprint when viewing the live feeds through the device cards, that persists for 3 minutes even if you just open and back out straight away.

But yeah, they might be as good as they are going to get.

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Yeah I can get it to record when I do the setup through STHM but I personally have had enough issues with STHM that I stopped using it years ago. I guess worst case I can try using it again.

Now to figure out why my second camera won’t show any light at all and won’t reset…man glad I saw this thread and was like “20 bucks yes I will snag a couple” lol :)…

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Lowes has these now for $19.99. Sales ends today 28 Feb 2021.

Samsung SmartThings Plug-in Wired Smart Indoor Security Camera

these are back in stock

its interesting to see what the neighbors do when you arent home. nothing bad, but when they think you arent watching.

Edit. Even though I paid <$30, These are bandwidth hogs and junk. Ymmv. Returning to kohls

Continuously bogging down the app and phone.

Hoping potential buyers don’t jump on this bandwagon. As there are many other better options for cameras.

I have 4 with zero issues

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Me too, soon to be 6 cameras…

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I have 8 and no problems. My Internet speed is 300MBps.