SmartThings Audio Alert?

Yes it’s simple.

Most sounds and TTS announcements can be performed with Big Talker 2.0, RemindR, or your favorite app. Both work with TTS (Lannouncer) and speaker devices.
To get a chime code @#ALARM=CHIME rather than text

Scroll down at this link for the Lannouncer commands

My SHM Delay app also supports tones/chimes when a door sensor opens and the Alarm is Off as part of the Delay Profile.

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You are awesome, this worked! Thanks a bunch! Btw, it says on this app that you can do “ask Alexa” is that having it speak through an alexa device? Is there some instructions on how to make that work?

I realise this thread is old. Isn’t it possible to use a zwave siren to do this kind of stuff? (If you only want a tone rather than spoken voice)

Sure, but the original post in the thread was about spoken phrase alerts.

As of the fall of 2018, if you live in the US or the UK hands-down the easiest way to do custom phrase alerts is just to get a $40 Amazon echo dot and use the official echo routines (not smartthings routines). :sunglasses:

You can make the echo say anything you want it to based on a smartthings event, or play a sound file, anything from a chime to a siren to a lion roaring. It’s not as loud as a smoke alarm, but it’s about as loud as a doorbell. And if you have multiple echo devices, you can choose exactly which ones you want to play the sound. And you can have different sounds for different events. It’s a really nice feature.

Here’s the FAQ for that:

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