Smartthings/Arlo Can't integrate 2 accounts

I have 2 physical addresses…2 smarthings hubs…and now 2 Arlo accounts to work with but I can’t seem to get it integrated the way I need.

This is a bit of a read and is confusing so I broke it into 3 parts.

Part 1:
2 ST Hubs (HubA and HubB)
I integrated ArloA with HubA (1 Base and 3 cams). all worked well.

Part 2:
I got a new Arlo setup…ArloB (with Base and single cam) to be used with HubB.
I added the ArloB to the same Arlo account as ArloA.
When trying to integrate ArloB to HubB I get the following:
+Thing-----Enter arlo credentials----Accept ST request to access Arlo----but instead of now getting the option to choose which cameras to integrate, I get what looks like the ST IDE logon window----I proceed to logon which brings me to the ST IDE webpage—the only option I really have is to click Done in the top right corner----clicking Done brings me back to the Arlo credentials window where the loop begins and ends.

Part 3:
Thinking this may be an issue with using the same Arlo account twice, I decided to disassociate my new ArloB from my existing account and create an all new Arlo account and activate ArloB to this one.
When I attempt to add this new account to HubB…the same issue occurs.


Sounds like probably the issue we’ve seen with multiple locations(hubs) under the same SmartThings account and trying to integrate each location with third party services (Echo, IFTTT, presumably Arlo). Long story short issue breaks down as SmartApp can only exist under one location (hub). Third Party Integrations are basically just SmartApps that can’t be instantiated for each location but rather just for each SmartThings Account. So you have to pick which location (hub) you want the integration to work with.

There are some creative workarounds out there but I don’t know enough about Arlo to suggest any for your specific use case unfortunately. The most generic solution would be splitting each of your hubs off onto its own SmartThings Account and then sharing to regain control without having to log in/out of SmartThings App. Having distinct accounts should allow you to have 2 distinct Arlo integrations.

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I don’t have too much setup at secondary hub so splitting them into 2 accounts won’t be too much work. I am curious to know how I would be able to view and configure both account in one app. Will I still have access to both independent SHM’s and a separation of my Things and Smart apps that I have now.

Check out the Account Sharing Announcement, it might answer some of your questions. You might also want to wait and see if anyone familiar with the Arlo integration has any ideas first, as splitting your 2nd location (hub) off to its own SmartThings Account is the more drastic solution and will require SmartThings support assistance.

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Did as prescribed. Worked perfectly and I still have all the access I had previously. Thank you sir.

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