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SmartThings app will receive a major overhaul in Q1 2018

On my Note 8 I’m able to delete the “Connect” app

That sounds terrible. Do you have an android or iOS phone? Not sure how an app could install itself automatically on iOS at least.

Best I can do is disable it. I did that back when it was creating some grief for me with some bluetooth devices, but os updates re-enable it. But it is not really an issue that I can’t get around, just the email coming out like 1 day early would have been really helpful.

Yeap. GS7. OS apps have special benefits. Like background updates. But I did know that buying a non-Pixel device, so that is not really the issue.

There is less then a month away from the end of Q1 and there is still no documentation on devices (aka Z-wave, zigbee,…).
Has the date been reset?
Can Samsung cleary provide dates for documentation?

Thank you!

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There have been 5 other topics opened in the last few days related to the new app. Do a quick search and you can see what is unfolding at this moment.

Here’s one:

Don’t think it’s going to be complete by the end of the month. At least from what we see is available in the new app as of right now. Lot of work still to be done. The basic framework of the app is in place.

As for dates - Samsung is not going to give dates out, period. Not today, not tomorrow :slight_smile:


Anyone heard any new info on this. Q1 clearly came and went. Not sure if I should just rebuild or not.

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The new Smarthings camera (only in Spain so far with Vodafone) has a new cloud for recordings.

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This has been very dead. no news on updated compatibility or the updated coding platform. Is this not happening now? its a little beyond Q1 now!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

They did release the new app in Q1.

It still doesn’t support all the features of the old app, but they have been adding features since it was released.

Look at some of the threads that @prjct92eh2 started or contributed to for more details.

Edit: the rest of the stuff about platform redesign I can’t remember if they publicly stated any kind of deadline.


Don’t forget Samsung has a new logo :wink:



That new logo was major! Remember when ST changed to a complete circle? It really makes a difference in how our systems run… :roll_eyes:


As a heavy user of custom/community DTHs, can anyone tell me what I may have gained so far from this move by Samsung/ST?

It’s now Q3 and I am at a loss as to what the overhaul has done for me.

Has ANY work been done yet to provide custom DTH support in the new app for example?

SDC in November will probably provide more info…

Well, it made me change my login credentials :unamused:


This move isn’t for you.

The purpose of merging everything into a single App (and, BTW, a single company - SmartThings isn’t an independent subsidiary anymore, and it’s CEO, CTO, have all left) is for Samsung to be able to streamline internally and proceed on their long term path for the “SmartThings Cloud Platform”.

As has been said many times in this Community, the early adopters of SmartThings were/are unofficial Beta testers.

I have some sympathy for the developers of the Classic App, as all their work will be tossed in the waste bin.

The new App (and API, Cloud, etc.) will eventually be - overall - better than the Classic App. That doesn’t mean we won’t miss a lot of the style or features which won’t be ported.

We just have to face the reality that “SmartThings by Samsung” is an entirely different product than “SmartThings”.


Forgive me but we have been told multiple times that the functionality provided by custom apps in the Classic will eventually be available in the new app. So, where is it? I haven’t see any of it yet.

If it doesn’t move over then eventually it’s a backwards step once the Classic app is eventually sunsetted.

we’ve also been told that eventually the Groovy IDE will go away. That puts all those apps out to pasture.

In reality, there is an overlap period where smart apps using both the Groovy IDE and the new IDE/APIs will both work. This is presently possible. But once the new IDE and APIs are fully functioning, devs will have to migrate their apps.

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