Smartthings app vs Classic

I remember when the new ST app came out, we were told don’t do it yet and wait for the official announcement. I’m not sure if I haven’t been paying attention or if there has been no announcement yet to migrate over. I wanted to check in and see should I still be using the old app or the new?

The new app keeps getting better and better. Here’s a thread that was just started for the latest iOS release:

I’m slowly warming up to the fact that I think I’ll be able to make the switch, especially when I see improvements like this happening.

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I haven’t received any migration instructions and I’ve been watching for them like a hawk.

In my case, this is probably because I’m using several community developed groovy DTHs and smartapps.

Of course, I was stupid and bought a device that requires the new app so I’ve been juggling both for about a year, but, no, no migration instructions yet.

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