SmartThings App & Push Notifications

I am a Canadian that has been using smartthings for approx. 1y now

Currently running Version 1.6.37-310 on iOS 13.1.2

Prior to upgrading to iOS 13.x push notifications would populate in notification center on the iPhone, after upgrading to iOS 13.x it has stopped working.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled the app.
I have logged out and logged back into the app.
I have removed and added the washer & dryer from within the app.

Still not notifications are populating! I can confirm this is happening on 3 other devices, all different models, but iOS 13.

In addition to this, I am able to verify the 3 TV’s in the house that support smartthings are not getting the banner with the notifications.

Within smartthings, I am able to navigate to the 3 lines in the top left, choose history, from there I can see all washer & dryer activities, under notifications.

Within smartthings, I am able to navigate to the 3 lines in the top left, choose the cog ( settings ) and verify notifications in on, then drill down to verify all devices are toggled on.

I have also gone into settings on the iPhone, found the smatthings app, chose notifications, all toggles are on!

When I called into support ( horrid experience ) they advised me this is due to SMS being disabled! I advised the CSR push notifications are not SMS communication. Correct me if I am wrong here, SMS would be a text message coming from “said” device to my number advising of the notification.

That being said, with SMS being discontinued and iOS 13 coming out, there has to be something in common, the fact that the TV’s are no longer getting the push notifications is a tell-tale sign.

Any suggestions or insight or people having the same issue?

After reading your post last night, I noticed notifications had stopped from the new app. But today, the issue seems to have been resolved as notifications from the new app are being sent again.

I have been on iOS 13 for months now and they have been working so I assume there was a temporary glitch in the ST cloud.

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I don’t know that should I cry or laugh. @SmartThings, seriously? The offical support has no clue about what is the difference between a PUSH message and SMS? Honestly if people would not help each other on this community forum, then this platform would have been cancelled ages ago due to user dissatisfaction. I think someone should raise the bar at the support group and hire some people who knows the platform at all.

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