SmartThings App - I have Moved - old devices still show

My last house was about 90% SmartThings switches, outlets, dimmers, fan control, and a lot more.

I have moved and when I started to install devices on a new Aeotec hub, ALL of my last home devices and automation still show. I deleted them one by one and when I turned the phone off and back on, they were still there. I am missing something, Can someone give me a nudge or bump in the right direction.

Thanks, Larry

Brand/Model of those devices? If they are part of a Linked Service (such as Lutron Caseta, Meross TP-Link kasa, etc), that would explain why they keep repopulating. If that is the case, go to Menu > Settings > Linked Services and remove any accounts for Linked services that you left at the old location.

Best advice may be to wipe out the current location and set up a fresh install. If you don’t want to do that, be sure to adjust your geolocation to reflect your new address.