SmartThings app GUI change on Tablets

I noticed this morning that the SmartThings app running on my Android Tab S6 looked different when I opened a device page. It’s now displaying similar to the way the SmartThings app displays on my phone by having a second tab page that I have to select to see the device history instead of displaying both the device settings and device history all on one page.

My iPad is showing the device page the same way with a different history tab page selection as well.

Even though this is just a minor cosmetic change, I was nice to see everything for a device on my tablet screen on just one page. Oh well, I guess this is progress.

The screens load much faster

It also means there’s now no way to see what color some RGB lights are set to in the app if you turn it on with a scene. :disappointed_relieved:

This Meross light was set to Green.

Contrast that with the same light in the HomeKit app: