Smartthings app does not work

I need some help. I cannot get my smartthings app to work on my phone. When opening the app I get a massage which says: preparing (translated from my local language).

From there I cant do anything. I cannot add devices, accept family invitations, nothing… When setting the app up on my girlfriends Phone I had no trouble at all. I have tried everything. Deleted the app, Deleted my user from the app, restarted my Phone and so on… I have looked on google YouTube and forums and I cant find anything to solve my problem…

Are there anyone in here who can help me?

I know its not in english, but I have posted a picture of the screen when the app is open. I have waited in more than half an over with the app open

The direct translation for the text on the photo are: preparing everything.

Im using a Samsung galaxy s20 plus. Im running the latest android OS.

There should not be anything blocking my home network. The app works fine on my girlfriends Phone, who uses the same network.

I used the app without any problems a couple of days ago, but deleted it for a short time, to try another app, but decided to go back to smartthings.

Try clearing data cache on the app. Or remove app, reboot the mobile device, reinstall and login again.

I have tried all of that. I just did it again, but again without success…

Hopefully someone else can step in and offer suggestions. I am not sure what else to try.

I hope so to!

I appreciate your attempt, thanks.

See if you can click on the menu and check how many locations show. Perhaps you have an empty one and you simply need to switch to the location with your hub and devices.

I can get in the menu and see this. Nothing happens when i press the different options.

If i try to make a new location i can give it a name, location and room, but when I try to add it i just get a message which say - failed.

I am stumped. Oh wait… I am always stumped :wink:

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You have no idea how frustated i am…

Meaning you deleted your Samsung account?

Are you able to sign in at ?

No, i did not delete my samsung account. I “left” smartthings. I am not sure what it is called in the english version, but I imagine it is the option called - leave smartthings.

Tried to sign in, but got this… now im very confused…

Did you tap “Delete SmartThings from your account” / “Slet SmartThings fra din konto” in the mobile app?

I pressed this:

And yes, i suppose it is the same as what you refer too.

But I did the exactly same on my girlfriends Phone, and I have no trouble on that

Ok thank you for confirming. That is an account deletion and would explain why you are unable to access the app or IDE. I believe the “issue” will resolve 7 days after the time you performed that action. Alternatively you can create a new Samsung account though that is not a good option if you are using other Samsung services tied to the original email address.

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Okay I will be patience and wait to see, if that will solve my problem.


Did you solved this problem Mathias? I’ve the same problem and I’ve tried everything mentioned above :confused: