SmartThings App - Device Status Not Updating?

Hi all,

I noticed something which is annoying me.

I have recently just changed from Fibaro HCL to ST Hub V2.

When I go to my TKB Z-Wave On/Off plug and press the button on it, the lamp attached comes on. However, my ST iPhone App is still showing the device as OFF. So now there is a conflict of states.

However, when I use the App to turn the device On & Off, the status is correct.

Fibaro HCL used to instantaneously update the status of the device on the Fibaro App to show its true and current state.

Is this not the case with ST?

Its leading me to a concern over the fact that I can’t trust the Device Status of anything in the App when devices are locally manipulated?

The larger concern is that I am developing a product that will connect via hard-wired I/O to Z-Wave and/or Zigbee and I would like to recommend controllers to my customers. But this is giving me some concerns.



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