SmartThings app - can't edit home location

I’m trying to expand my geo fence to get a better reaction coming home. When I first set the hub up, I made the fence smaller, not really knowing what I was doing. Now, I’m trying to expand it. When I click save it goes back to the main edit portion of the home location. When I click save again the save/load img just spins and spins and never saves. I’ve let it go for 10+ minutes with no positive results.

I was thinking about just deleteding the home location and starting over, but will that screw with all the devices I’ve added?

This will force you to completely start over. All devices and apps will have to be repaired/reinstalled. Think of this as the nuclear option.

I was afraid of that. Not sure what to do at this point. I’ll try a different phone later today I guess. I’ve tried probably 10x on mine with no luck