SmartThings app black screen

Phone : Samsung s21 ultra
App version
Android 13

Anyone else experiencing the SmartThings app freezing on a black screen.

Typically this happens when I’m using the app, look at the properties of a device (say temp sensor temp) and then switch to another app on my phone.
When I switch back to SmartThings app, instead of returning to the property screen I was on it sits with a black screen. I need to kill the app and restart it to get it back.

I have tried clear data and clear storage but it still happens.

I know the app updated recently but I’ve had this issue a few weeks so it’s not related to the latest version.

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Yes, I can confirm that I have exactly the same issue for few weeks. Clearing the cache doesn’t fix the problem, only killing and restarting the app helps for some time.

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Yes, frequently. S22U on Android 13. I first made mention of this issue back in mid-October, but there was a issue with changing drivers at the time and I wasn’t clear if this was a separate issue or not.

There’s probably more awareness of it now because people are looking at the device pages more frequently due to the migration. I’ve grown accustomed to force-closing the app and restarting.


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No such issues here. Samsung S5e tablet Android 11 and Google Pixel 4A-5G phone Android 13.

Got a new app version overnight so I really haven’t done much with it so far.

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Ok, good to know I’m not alone
@nayelyz is this a known issue?

I occasionally get it on my Pixel 6a running Android 13.

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Frequently on my S10, exactly as described above

I just force close and re open the app

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Hi, everyone.

Have you reported this to Customer Support?
I haven’t heard of this yet, but if it is a known issue, they should have more information.

Frequently on my Tab S6 Android 12, I need to kill it toget rid of it.

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Happens all the time to me too. S9+.

I find it happens more often when I leave the app on a details page and it goes to sleep. When returning to the device it’s hung in the app on a black screen. Usually requires closing the app to recover.

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Fair question. I think some of us were hesitant to report the issue because (a) it didn’t happen consistently and therefore wasn’t easy to replicate, (b) was relatively easy to workaround, and (c) we weren’t hearing complaints from anyone else, so we weren’t sure if it wasn’t just our devices.


I was thinking it might be something along those lines. I’ll have to test that.

Happens on my S21U but honestly I don’t know what screen I’m on when it happens. I see it when I’ve been out of the app and return. Very unpredictable. I can’t say I’ve seen this on my Tab S6 though.

Was hopping the small update recently released to the Android app might have contained a fix but it continues to happen as everyone else has desctibed

It appears to be a missing auto force close or the app not recognising or remembering last page opened so your left with a blank page and no navigation

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exactly this has been happening on my Phone (a Xiaomi Mi9T pro with Android 12), too, for a few weeks. It occurs often now that we are forced to install/change/test new Edge drivers before the end of the year. The only thing that helps transiently is to force-quit the app and restart it.

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