SmartThings App and Phone Hard Reset

I have to reboot/reset my Samsung phone. How will this affect my Smarthings app and devices? I hope all I have to do is reload the app and sign in

just reinstall the app and login and you are good to go. You will lose any room/device sorting that you may have set previously but all your devices and Routines will be intact.

You may want to disable get location from this phone (if you use it) before resetting your phone and enable it again after resetting your phone.

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If you are using the phone as a presence sensor you may well need to reactive the
use of Location services, and even if you don’t have to I’d recommend disabling and reenabling it anyway as that should guide you through any additional app settings that you need (like background execution). You may also need to update any Routines that were using it as it is likely to have changed its ID.

In theory the sort order for your rooms, devices, services, routines, scenes, apps and suggestion cards should be retained as they are saved in the API, but don’t be surprised if you need to tidy things up. The mobile app does rather plough its own furrow.

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