SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

This is fantastic. To me it actually seems more useful than the IDE


Is it possible to join as a beta tester?
I am a non-developer user with three smartthings hubs in different locations.

Hi @TAustin, if it were possible I would like to try it. Thank you

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Hey @TAustin if you’re still letting people into this beta - I am interested if you can accommodate one more?

Me too :*)

I’ve provided the app link to quite a number of people now - certainly more than I ever thought I could with my current hosting setup. Please keep me posted if anyone starts to see slow-downs or delays in getting the page initially loaded.

And just a reminder- if you want to request access, please send me a direct message, but post your feedback here.


In my house everything continues to be as fast as the first day :+1:

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I don’t believe the APIs expose that data currently. The link to the APIs that he is using is here.

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It would be good to have a version number for the API browser displayed somewhere so we know when it is updated.



A good idea; I’ll be sure to add that in my next update. Thanks!


Any possibility of getting the option to reboot hub? That would be the icing on the cake.


He can only implement what’s available via the ST APIs. You can check out the APIs here


I wouldn’t be surprised if the API can do it, but if it can it isn’t exposed anywhere obvious and may need permissions that end users can’t get at the moment, and certainly can’t add to a PAT via the published tool.


The endpoint that gets called from my IDE is:<hubid>

I’ll have to see if I can successfully call that from my app. Even if it works, that’s only for North America East region, and I’m sure it will change soon…


Hopefully ST will provide some sort of solution to this. Not a big deal if you are local to your hub (just unplug and replug) but if you are managing remote hub(s)…:man_shrugging:t2:

The API Browser+ app has been updated. You may now enjoy :slight_smile: the following updates:

  • Fixed several of the nagging usability issues and mobile device formatting problems. (I’m slowly getting better at this web development stuff). This hopefully includes solving the issue of the details tables spilling over the right edge of the screen. There should now be a horizontal scroll bar in those cases.
  • Added new device filter option for viewing devices by type (suggested by @danhvos)
  • Added ability to enable/disable rules, and added status to rules list (thank you to @orangebucket for the hot tip)
  • Added version identifier to footer (suggested by @h0ckeysk8er)

Regarding viewing devices by type: keep in mind that if your zigbee or zwave device is running under an Edge driver, it will be listed as expected. If it is still under a Groovy driver, then it will only show up under the DTH type. You can look at device details to see the network type for DTH devices.


Thank you. I now have a quick and easy way to monitor for Edge conversions.

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one thing I see on IDE but can’t find on this great new page, is the last minute online time. I had a sensor offline for 2 days, I had to look on ide to see when was the last time it ran a command before going offline. For me it would be useful, but I don’t know if APUI allows this, probable since from the app you can see the history.

There is a ‘lastupdateddate’ available from the health query which would be the last time the health state changed. In the scenario you described, it would give you the date at which it went offline, but not the last time it ran a command. I’ll have to see if I can find what you are looking for in the API.

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no need, the date when it went offline is fine