SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

The link is at the bottom of the first post. No need to wait :blush:


The API Browser+ webserver is temporarily down.

I will provide a status update when available.


The API Browser+ is back up and at a new URL. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please always reference this link for the latest URL.

You will have to re-enter your Token and agree to cookies.


Hi all. New user here. I’ve created a virtual device to trigger a routine in Alexa. Alexa is able to detect the virtual device but I cannot control it in the Alexa app. Clicking the virtual button says that there was a problem. All non-virtual devices from ST are recognized and are perfectly working through Alexa app. I have no hub. Any help? Thanks

If you don’t have a ST hub the only ST virtual device in the new architecture that can trigger an Alexa Routine is the virtual lock. You can generate one using the API Browser+.

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Thats exactly what I did. It works on the ST app but not on Alexa app.

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On the Alexa side you should be able to lock it without doing anything. To unlock it go into the settings for the lock in Alexa and authorize unlocking by app and voice.

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Also to unlock the virtual lock using Alexa routines the action section needs to be a “custom command” with your pin code.


Thank you, guys! I was selecting the wrong virtual device (GarageDoor Opener). That one is not working.

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I’ve been using API Browser+ for a while without any issues.

This morning I’m seeing the screenshot below.

Do I need to delete the old token and generate a new one, or is there another issue preventing access?

Edit: Here’s the Get Help Link


See the message from @TAustin 4 days ago. He wants us to reference this link SmartThings® API Browser+ for the latest url to the API browser


Thanks… that did the trick !

I’ve got a bunch of GE/Jasco Zwave+ In Wall Switches/Dimmers & Fan controllers. I can’t find how using this API to find the firmware version of these devices. Some are different even with same model #. Am I not looking in the correct place? IDE use to show it when they were on device handlers but no longer does with edge. Any help would be appreciated!

In the new architecture, the firmware version for Z-Wave devices is not exposed via the APIs and therefore not available via the API Browser+. For Z-Wave devices, there is the Z-Wave Explorer Edge driver from @philh30 which will give you detailed info about your Z-Wave devices. You can use it after enrolling in his channel and installing the driver to your hub.

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I installed it and then installed the explorer. How do I add that to my ST app though? Is their a guide for the Zwave explorer. Thanks again!

For the device you want Z-Wave info, go to the device card/panel, click on the 3 dot menu, and select Change Driver. You can change from the driver that operates the device to the Explorer to look at the info and when done, switch back.

@gbruyn found out the hard way but for anyone else who happens across this:

Be aware that changing the Edge driver of a working device from its proper driver to the Z-wave explorer driver can and will cause Routines to be deleted or deactivated.

The Z-wave Explorer may not have the capabilities required for the Routine. For example if you have a Routine involving a motion sensor and change the driver for the motion sensor, you’ll lose that Routine.



There is a minor update now available to API Browser+ that includes a new option under the Services menu called ‘Connected Services’. This will provide a list of “API-only” services that are connected to your SmartThings account, e.g. Alexa, the CLI, ActionTiles, etc. There are no further actions you can take on them; these are informational-only.

Thanks again to the master investigator, @orangebucket.

Refresh your browser to receive the update.


But very cool! Thanks for letting us know!


Love the API BROWSER. Just one comment about the JSON syntax that you allow vs what is available in the API.

The following is accepted in the CLI.

devices": [

but is rejected by API Broweser. API Browser requires

devices": [

I.e. device id includes quote marks.