SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

Count me in

Im interested

I’d like to test as well. I’m only semi technical. Definitely not a programmer. But I can do automations. :laughing:

Happy to test. Multiple hubs on same location, non-technical

I would like to test

Any sanitized screenshots of the GUI?


… there are more characters just to post

I’m also interested.

Count me in as semi technical

Im also interested

I am certainly interested in helping say thank you for all your work so far and for things to come.

Plus i could also really enjoy and use this current app you are working on.

I’m in too thanks you

I’d be willing to play and hopefully learn more too. Count me in if you have room and want another.

Hello, i’m interested to try this. I’m not Expert user

Sign me up, please. 3 Locations, 3 hubs, Z-Wave and Cloud integrations, no Zigbee or local WiFi devices (yet).

I’m interested in trying it out.

I’m interested in trying it out, as well. Thanks!!!

Count me in.

I appreciate and value your other projects and would love to be involved as a technical but non programmer user if you have room.

To everyone that has responded thus far. I’ve invited the first 15 responders to test so far - let’s call that ‘wave 1’. So far my server is holding up(!), so I will be adding more in a ‘wave 2’ in another day or so, so stand by…

Thank you for your interest!