SmartThings Android App Updates - Version (Mar ‘24)

Hi @nayelyz @AlejandroPadilla

The latest version of the App solved some things, such as that the numeric type capabilities are already shown in the details view with decimals

but now it does not distinguish between the capabilities that have an integer and numeric type defined in the capability.
Now they are all displayed with a decimal.

Also, the text type capabilities have stopped displaying text in HTML format, which was the only known way to display text in more than two lines and with different font sizes in the App capabilities.

It doesn’t make much sense that text-type capablities can be created with no character limit and then they can’t be displayed in the details view of the App.

Is there a way to make the capability size expand to show the full text of the event and give it some formatting?

Will they reactivate the HTML text in the App capabilities?