Smartthings Android app update v1.7.51.42

Haven’t seen that - but I guarantee if you sleep it location services will not respond.

In one if the instructions from SmartThings said that we need to turn Power Optimization Off for SmartThings app. It is related to presence service.
Geolocation for hub is set as @nathancu said in Manage Location menu.
Geofence Required is for other linked locations, as is works same as Life360. Your phone or other phone location is needed to be matched with home or linked locations.

Has anyone else noticed this app version seems to have moved from a Groovy DTH to a new cloud device? Type = placeholder indicates a cloud device using the new backend.

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Best statement on this issue I’ve read so far. I too have used cell phones for presence quite successfully for years. Now shit. Thanks Samsung.

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@blake.arnold Is by any chance the issue reported here in this thread about not being able to enable presence resolved? I only ask because this afternoon I was oddly able to enable the “Get your location from this phone”. I didn’t update anything on the phone itself so if so I am guessing something changed on the server side but IDK. At any rate, I haven’t “left” yet to see if it actually works but this is promising:

@johnconstantelo Any difference on your end?

Yes, it just worked for me, too.

However, I’d much rather have them go back to yesterday’s state with presence broken but IFTTT and webCoRE working.

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@all4dom Fyi, this just now started working again, so please try for yourself!

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Ugh, I wasn’t even aware of that one yet, hopefully they’ll eventually push those mods via GitHub. The primary piston I use is reliant on presence so I guess I never got there!

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@johnconstantelo it’s working but it still list my note 8 under other devices. I have it on but now do I need to add my phone again?

& thank you.

@johnconstantelo I’m not in any of the automatons. It only has my wifes phone. When I go to add me, it doesn’t list my phone.

You don’t cause it never actually went away unless you removed it via the IDE or classic app.

After turning it back on, make sure to tap on it again and make sure your location is selected for your phone.

Yep, though I think I edited it retrospectively into an already existing post so it could easily have sneaked through. The main component has presence and occupancy capabilities as before, and the linked places are components with just the presence capability. Sadly it appears you can’t access the components separately via legacy apps.

Oh no freaking way! As soon as the location bug gets fixed, this is all the new app does for me:

I’m not liking where this is going… @blake.arnold


New home location perhaps? Or separate location for…

Nope, just 1. Confirmed in the IDE and other device.

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Um everything just deleted b4 my eyes…says I have no devices

Ok @blake.arnold, this is going downhill…

Thank you Android users for testing before we iOS users :slight_smile:

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