Smartthings Android app ( update ) May 10 2023

Are the summary mini-tiles averages? Like the temperature and humidity ones?

They are probably meant to be? But in my case the averaging is not entirely correct… Even for a single (!) value…

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Hi @S.F.B let me check that with the team :saluting_face:

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Any news, maybe?

Anyone know why tp-link kasa bulbs kl135 would show the ability to ramp brightness in a routine but not bulbs from sengled (W12-N15 100w 1500 lumens)?

They both have color temp and are both connected through linked services.

But, if i group bulbs, then i get all of the options on the group and any sengled bulbs will ramp brightness.

This is a request for the driver developer. If provided by the manufacturer, then open a ticket with their support.

Was this for my question? If so i definitely will. Is it something they are / aren’t sending?

I ask because out of Hue, tp-link, and sengled bulbs only the tp link have a dimmer option on the ungrouped bulb.

I have Cree bulbs waiting at home to see if those allow gradual brightness alone vs in a group.

If the tp link bulbs came brighter than 60w equivalent, i wouldn’t care…

Yes, it was a response to your question. The developer created a driver that communicates the features and communication between SmartThings and the device. The developer defines what appears on the app screen when you open a device using that driver, along with features exposed to routines.

If it’s not a community created driver, then contact the manufacturer. In the case of Sengled, I believe they are cloud attached, so definitely ask Sengled.

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Actually i found a way to make them work.

I created a virtual bulb and paired it with the Sengled bulb and when adding that group to my routine it gives me the rest of the options since it’s using the group handler.

For general info to others, the Cree 100w bulbs have the gradual brightness ability without the workaround but their colors aren’t very good.

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I found a better hack…

The way i described doesn’t have circadian wake in the routine

If i leave a cree bulb in smartthings (even though it isn’t connected) i can create a group with it and the sengled bulb and it gives all the options including circadian gradual brightness.

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It looks like cloud-connected lights, such as Wiz and SwitchBot RGBW bulbs, have the ability to control individual bulbs.