Smartthings Android app ( update ) May 10 2023

ah, interesting. With so many multifunctional devices in the world today, “category” seems pointless.


Ok, that doesn’t seem very useful.

I also don’t understand that they link the icons available to change in the app to the device’s profile category too.

They should let use the icon that the user needs from among all the existing ones


Thanks for the rapid, and clear, reply - much appreciated.

I have just started to check out these mini tiles.
I notice that there is one for open contacts. The only one I can select is a virtual device.
I am unable even to select any of smartthings own door sensors, ?because they are called multipurpose sensors?

I just noticed that the mini-tile for “Lights” doesn’t include light switches or dimmers, only my outlets (device type of SmartPlug). That doesn’t seem to make any sense really.

That is what I am seeing. I cannot select the ST buttons for temperature information but my 2 ST Multifunction sensors are there. I also don’t have the option to use my SwitchBot temp/humidity sersors which is more annoying since that’s their whole purpose.

Acabo de ver que con algún plugin en la app de androif ya no tenemos la opción de cambiar iconos en el menú de edición del dispositivo:rofl: :rofl:


I just saw that with some plugin in the androif app we no longer have the option to change icons in the device editing menu

SmartThings giveth and SmartThings take away :joy:


Midday today on iOS also - default icons - lights that are switches or plugs show as such, with no option to edit.


I am seeing the same on Android There are no options to change icons and all existing icons have reverted to the designated icons.

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Hi, everyone. I saw someone reported it here: Changing Icon's in the Smartthings App not working (May 2023) - #7 by dotan_shai

Has someone here contacted Customer Support?


They have also added more devices that measure temperature to the ministatus tile.
My 3 motion sensors that measure temperature have appeared, but I can’t disable them, they don’t appear in the list of selectable ones, and there’s less to go!


I’m experiencing the same thing.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo thank you for the information, we are investigating that with the team please let me some time.



It also happens with the lights, some devices have appeared that have a switch category, but they do not appear in the selection list, only appears categories Smartplug and Light in the list.
They made a half solution.

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Mobile App team once again seams totally disconnected from the engineers…


I have had my one motion sensor added to the temperature mini-tile also and also does not appear in the list.

I’ve got two leak sensors which measure temperature but which are not included in the temperature mini-tile.

I’ve got a lot of smart switches and dimmers. They have always been classified by SmartThings randomly as either switches or lights. Even with two of the same brand and model I sometimes see one classified as a switch and one as a light. Only the ones that are classified as lights are in the lights mini-tile.

The switchboard devices also appear as lights in the mini tile and are not available in the selection list to deselect

Having devices appear but cannot be removed makes the avarage temp pointless, some of my internal devices with temp are shown and are not de selectable, however i am only interested in the average ext temp

Why not put a small title over the home page icons ( Smart features)
Any device that has a capability that falls within the (Smart features) criteria has its own (Smart feature) option in the top right 3 dots with a drop down list giving the user the option to include it or not in (temp int) (temp ext) (monitor for offline) (monitor for online)

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The summary mini-tile for Lighting seems to be having a particularly bad time at the moment. Mine now shows ‘Off’ regardless, spins if you try to change the state of it, and just shows two virtual lights, neither of which can be removed as the selection page is completely empty.

As it happens the same two devices are in another lighting group which works perfectly.