Smartthings android app update - 4 Aug 21

Anyone else have their Schlage Z-Wave locks go offline after the 8/4 Smartthings update? Both mine were showing offline and nothing seemed to revive them. I tried resetting one of the locks and re-adding it to the network, but it isn’t discovered and won’t connect. The other lock doesn’t say it’s offline anymore, but performing any function times out. It’s too coincidental that the update happened on 8/4 and there is no activity logged after that date. This is a major issue for me because programming multiple user codes on an on-going basis is a pain without a tool like LUM. Not to mention I can’t have lock actions happen based on presence anymore.

Model #BE469ZP and Model #BE469 (23685159)

Device health is a function of the hub, not the mobile app, so it’s likely coincedence. Did you exclude the lock? Z-wave devices need to do through an exclusion process to fully reset them. Deleting and resetting at the device isn’t usually enough.

Yes, I’ve done exclusion multiple times and that hasn’t helped. Do we know if there was a hub update along with the app itself? I noticed that one of my automations wasn’t firing so I deleted and re-added it and now it shows it’s executing locally on the hub where before it wasn’t.

they aren’t tied together, but there was a hub firmware update for V2/V3/Aeotec August 2-6

That would be the right timing, but it looks like that one doesn’t apply to me. I have the Connect Home/SmartThings Wifi combo version which looks like it last updated in May to 36.5 which is what the IDE and my app tell me is the current version.

So, the only thing that’s changed recently is the app and my locks went offline the day of the update.

Hi @Automated_House, my Note 20 and my wife’s S20 both updated (I forced it) and now I’m locked out of adding any device, as expected. My old S2 tablet running Android 7 and v1.7.65.43 of the ST App still lets me use the workaround for now.

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I used to have 220+ devices on SmartThings, but I moved all the ones involved in active automations to a more reliable platform, so I’m down to under 70 (mostly sensors that are passively monitored, plus some esoteric passive devices).

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Looks like it’s not just my locks that won’t get added back to the network. Got two new z-wave outdoor switches today and neither of them is discovered using the updated ST app.

This is major breakage and makes ST almost useless at this point.

Exclude first and readd

Thank you Captain Obvious. Exclusion didn’t find the devices just as inclusion didn’t find them. From the reports from other people who are having issues adding new devices, seems like there is a more pervasive problem.

Then reset them. If you are so knowledgeable why ask for help?

There are many that seek help here that do not know Zwave devices sometimes need to be excluded before they can be added, so suggesting an exclusion is a perfectly acceptable post.

If you want help here, don’t be condescending . . .


It was a lame comment considering I’d previously said “Yes, I’ve done exclusion multiple times and that hasn’t helped.”

Frankly, I wasn’t seeking suggestions on how to fix as much as I’m looking for people who are having similar symptoms after their app was upgraded to determine if Samsung has major FUBARd it again.

Disregard. Apparently none of my apps are updating on my Chromebook.

I think my Chromebook updated last night. When I get home I’ll check.

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All good (so far):


I’ll take that back. I still don’t have ‘Lighting’ apparently, it is just that the Clock now works with Switches and Outlets. All my lights are on Outlets under this terminology.

The Weather app isn’t picked up either.

Yup, same here Graham, which is why It would be helpful to be able to change the device type ID from outlet to light, exactly as Amazon has already implemented, they figured it out !!

Keep the devices capabilities as is but just give the device the option to be included as a light

In that manner, the companion apps that have lighting inclusions might actually be useful

Seems reasonable.

Seems puzzling that Switches and Outlets were only added to Clock though.

Also puzzling why is every device I own pre selected with no option at the top to ‘select all’ so I can de select

Why would I want every light, socket, virtual switch, timers to come on all at once as a default ?? Crazy, the house would go nuts along with its occupants