Smartthings android app update what is new

Here it is. It this what you are experiencing as well?

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Got this update to, but it still doesn’t fix the slow device page loading on all of my Androids from Android 7 on my S6 SmartPhone, Android 9 on my S8+ SmartPhone, and Android 10 on my Tab S6 with one UI 2.5. The only device pages that load slowly for me are just smart plugs, zigbee smart lights, and virtual switches though, everything else loads fine.

Which like almost the 2/3 of your devices right?

Open device pages in the video was very fast - mine regularly take 20 to 40 seconds before the page fully opens to the point I can do something.
Also when I open the app I can sometimes wait 15sec for the devices to show online.

Usy for me opening a device was 1-2 seconds. It had been like this always. But this is unacceptable…

I don’t open the device pages for the virtual switches or the smart plugs hardly ever since they can be switched from the icon and from voice assistants, but the smart bulbs on the other hand when setting specific colors on the RGBW smart bulbs or temp on the other non-color smart bulbs is sure annoying. So I’m using Alexa instead right now.

Just downloaded my update. Only changes I’ve immediately noticed are that the Linked Places no longer fold to lower case and the map marker in SmartThings Find now points at the correct location on the dashboard card.

This app is basically unusable. its sooooo slow , we use voice and google to control everything now because the app just takes too long.

why is the app getting worse not better ?