Smartthings Android 15/1/22 vers update

App update available, I see no changes but I said that last time and missed a few

Not sure if it’s new but in labs there is a notice Tv text input will be deprecated to make way for a new feature… possibly so your pet chin chilla can feed itself or something useful no doubt

So there is. Let’s see if they have fixed the bug with onboarding by type/brand with multiple hubs that they introduced the last but one time they tarted up the onboarding …

It rather looks like they have. It has taken several months but it now seems that users with multiple hubs may actually be able to add devices as intended.

I still can’t install the Chameleon smart meter though.


I think you may have misread that. It is being removed from Labs because it is going to become a new standard feature in SmartThings.

The carousel displaying the notices is definitely a bit buggy. There are three notices. One an intro, one about URC, and one about TV text input. First time I looked it quickly lost the intro one and started displaying the text input twice instead as I stated above, but that didn’t happen the next time. It also seems to lose track of which dot to highlight. The combination of automatically cycling through messages and allowing manual scrolling might be the source of the problem.

The list of Locations you get by tapping on the home icon and Location name has dropped the display of the Location owner. While pretty low on my list of priorities for that space, it wasn’t entirely useless.

Why they don’t display the Location mode there, or somewhere even more prominent, is a mystery.

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The bug that has been “bugging” me (on is when first opening a room, you get all the devices icons and text updating state as if they are playing back their history for the last XX hours. On, off, on, off, on. off…on!

Oh, and if a device is on it won’t be bolded/white text until you choose a device (any device). Come back and any device on is correctly bold for the rest of the session.

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Just checked, it still plays the on off on off game but does so far appear to finish on a correct state and highlight state

Yeah I guess it means that Graham ! Maybe it is headed for the companion apps page.


I think it already appears in ‘Advanced Features’ in the app settings once enabled so it’ll probably just be permanently enabled.

What can you do with this feature?

I think the idea is that if you have a supported TV you get notified via the SmartThings app when it is prompting for keyboard input and you can use the notification to bring up a phone keyboard. I don’t know what TVs are supported, or how, but I do know mine aren’t.

I will try. My TV should be supported.

Our Samsung TVs are all from 2013 and 2014. They’re not supported by much. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have a 2014. I think Samsung had already lost interest in it by 2015.

I suspect this is an old issue, but if you move devices between Rooms the devices still show in the old rooms in Routines/Scenes (both for existing devices and in the device list for adding them). Switching away from the app fixes things.