Smartthings and WebCoRE performance question(s)

I’d like to thanks all you guys for your generous input, suggestions and advice (and your patience with my continued questioning :crazy_face:)

I think I’m getting loads out of these posts.

A couple of updates to my initial questions:

1: lots of small pistons Vs fewer large pistons
It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, but lots of small ones is generally better

2: polling devices for current States Vs storing current States in global variables
Always pool the device as ST stores the information in STCloud (the same place variables are stored)

3: using scenes Vs using pistons to set multiple device changes
I’ve now received some smart bulbs that animate brightness changes.
So for the time being, no need to use pistons to animate the change

4: power outage recovery
There are various options out there from relying on systems like hue. But I’ve also discovered some bulbs have a ‘return to last state in power resume’, and some have a ‘return to default state’. I’ve read that the IKEA smart bulbs have both of these built in but not yet sure how to access the settings. If I find where I read it and/or figure out how to access these, I’ll let you all know.

Hue bulbs connected to a hue bridge give you the choice between these two options for each individual bulb. Or you can create a custom setting. The default state is “on, warm white.”

I was not aware that IKEA had added this feature, but I know a lot of people have asked for it. :sunglasses: