Smartthings and Samsung AWS servers - Connection timed out

Since yesterday my Zigbee smart switches are crazy.
I needed to remove 2 and reconfigure, but now I am not able to include them.

I did remove both from Smartthings app, and they don´t come back when I try to include again. And I am not able to remove them from API, with error like:

Hibernate operation: could not update: [physicalgraph.device.Device#xxxxxx-56a7-438c-822c-xxxxxxx]; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [update device set version=?, completed_setup=?, component_label=?, component_name=?, date_created=?, device_network_id=?, error_state=?, firmware_version_id=?, group_id=?, handler_version=?, hub_id=?, is_component=?, join_fingerprint_id=?, label=?, last_updated=?, location_id=?, name=?, parent_device_id=?, parent_smart_app_id=?, previous_handler=?, previous_zigbee_id=?, primary_tile_name=?, profile_id=?, profile_type=?, protocol_connection=?, raw_description=?, sort_order=?, type_id=?, virtual_smart_app_id=?, zigbee_id=? where id=? and version=?]; SQL state [25S03]; error code [0]; (conn=4734834) Communications link failure with primary host Connection timed out; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: (conn=4734834) Communications link failure with primary host Connection timed outCommunications link failure with primary host Connection timed out

Today at morning Alexa sent me many messages that these switches were included… close to 12 hours after I did try the command.
I believe that some AWS Amazon servers used by Smartthings are not working fine.

Any change in Samsung Smartthings infraestructure?

Also I for a few days in different zigbee devices, but I do not know what the cause is. I don’t know what to look at though to understand if mine is your problem is the same

I can only vaguely say that things just seem a bit odd this week. I’ve not had issues like are being described on this thread, and not have I had the Smart Lighting issues described elsewhere (not least because I don’t have it installed), but things just don’t seem quite right.

The mobile app has gone from being a bit sluggish to startup to eventually updating in a mad dash and I have a particular problem with SmartThings Home Monitor. The last couple of days it has displayed the incorrect status in the app in the morning, and has not responded to buttons to correct it. However if I use it has shown the correct status, and my Security Mode mirror device is also showing that the Security Mode has updated correctly.