Smartthings and RF blaster?

Hey Folks,

Really enjoying my ST and Google home setup. I am wondering if there is an economical way to control my Hunter Douglas PowerRise 2.0 blinds. The remote operates over 2.4GHz range. I also have a Harmony Hub, but my understanding is that it takes RF etc and converts it to BT and IR.

Any ideas? Broadcom RM2?


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The blinds use battery packs with built in receivers, so there is no need for the etekcity pieces.

Basically, I need something that I can schedule in ST to send an RF button press to open/close my blinds

Not sure if you have any experience with Arduino but this project is similar to what you are trying to do but uses an IR module, perhaps you could replace it with a 2.4ghz RF module. I am going to try and get this to work with a 433mhz RFmodule this weekend.

I don’t, but more than willing to try. Please let me know how it goes!

Read the whole thread. RM2 can control RF units, not just Etekcity remote.

Did you ever find a solution for your hunter douglas blinds? I have the same RF controlled blinds you have and want to do the same thing. I’m looking for a simple plug and play device as well, don’t really want to do anything too complicated.

Thanks for the post. Could you give more detailed instructions or provide a link for detailed setup? Thanks again! I’m a newbie, so trying to figure it out. I have the Etekcity plugs, hub & developer account. I understand how to add the device handler from code, but what’s next? And ss there another piece of hardware required?

You can install this to control RF and IR : Broadlink RM2 compatibility (bridges 433 MHz and 315 MHz )

Broadlink RM2 compatibility (bridges 433 MHz and 315 MHz )
Here is beckyricha’s code with instructions. This will give you basic on/off control. Status is not rep… | |

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