SmartThings and NebriOS

(Colin) #1

So, I was doing some Google searching for things to do with SmartThings, and ran across this site that seems to show a way to build a gateway to be able to control other things with SmartThings - Namely their example was controlling a Nest thermostat… anybody ever played with this?

(Colin) #3

And for Reference, that site also sites this Github:


NebriOS is intended to be an IFTTT for Python coders, they want to charge you $15/month or $99/month (depending on the number of scripts) to host a rules engine framework for you. Seems like it would make more sense for someone who was in the software business selling their code or the code services to other people, not for someone doing something for themselves.

Anything you can do with NebriOS you can already do for free with the SmartThings platform and your own Python server. Whether their building blocks make it any easier or faster is debatable.

If you want to see what you can do with SmartThings, check this forum’s Community-Created SmartApps category and the Projects category. Lots of inspiring stuff there. :sunglasses:

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Ah ha. I hadn’t gotten in far enough to see their revenue stream. - and they based their work from a ST user, too… API / OAuth Examples in Python, Node

I’ve poked around in the projects section a bit, and yeah there are some interesting things, for sure.