Smartthings and Homey Bridge

Just bought an Homey bridge, thinking and believing the publicity,that it would improve my smartthings ecosystem (through an Aeotec smart home hub). But the truth is, it doesn’t recognize most of the devices Aeotec does. I’m aware of the differences in protocols between both, but I thought it would recognize all the WiFi devices, and also the zigbee ones through reset. The truth is: it only recognises IKEA lights, and even that doesn’t work fine. It doesn’t recognize the Aqara t1 sensors, the Tplink Tapo cameras, the Aeotec 360 camera, the Sonoff ZigBee devices… The list goes on…
It did pair the Aqara tvoc sensor and Xiaomi presence sensor, but that’s it…
It doesn’t recognize the devices that Alexa app and Google Home do through smartthings either.
Should I send it back? Is there a solution, besides the Homey Pro alternative (very very expensive), to try to at least use the Homey bridge devices with smarthings? Or vice versa?
This seems a little too bad to be true, with so much money spent in marketing. A device that costs around 70€ + 3€/ month …
Thinking on returning it and go for the Home Assistant Green instead…

Any tips?

Thank you all

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I would recommend either contacting Homey support or posting on their community forum and ask any questions. They may be able to offer better advice as opposed to the ST community forum. :slight_smile: just my two cents.


I looked into a Homey Pro but didn’t switch because it didn’t support a lot of my devices, like my Kwikset locks, so I stayed with SmartThings. I think a lot of devices are added by the community. As suggested, there is a Homey community and a Reddit site. Good luck.