SmartThings and Email Trigger

Guys not sure if this has been already answered or not and i apologize ahead of time if it was.

Since the change within ST, Web Core is no longer working, i’m looking for a way to do the following:

  1. upon receiving a specific email to turn of all the lights.

I was able to get the trigger working with IFTTT however it only allows to turn off 1 light and i couldn’t figure out how to trigger a group or room.

is there any solution out there? can i create a webhook to smartthings directly using Zipper or something similar?

Basically my alarm system is not connected to my smart home, and i want every time the alarm is turn on on AWAY mode to turn off automatically all the lights.

Thanks for your help in advance

There may be some other possibilities with Webhooks, but meanwhile, you can have Ifttt turn off a virtual switch, and then on the smartthings side have that virtual switch actuate a scene with all the other devices you want. So that would be a quick fix while you’re doing other research.

Here’s the community FAQ on how to create virtual switches now:

Virtual Switches After Groovy FAQ

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you are a live saver!

thank you for a quick response and helping me figure it out.

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More about web hooks and the new architecture

How to receive an external Webhook as a trigger for SmartThings (2023)