SmartThings and Denon Heos


Does SmartThings Work with Denon Heos in the same way it does with Sonos?


Don’t think this will work with Heos devices.

I use the media renderer to Play/Stop my Heos Speakers.

That works too. As long as it is a DLNA device and accepts control commands .

Has anyone got their Heos devices working Alexa in the UK.
I have the Heos home cinema, but I can’t get it to work.

What do you mean, “working Alexa”? Control over the device? Notifications with the device? Alexa does a lot… Need a little more info.

This project will not work with Heos. It works with non-Heos receivers that have a web server and XML of current states and settings.

So controlling the application like Spotify or tunein. Adjusting volume etc with Alexa

Well, whatever is playing Spotify or Tune In would have to be controlled. Not the speaker. As I understand it, the Heos is just a speaker system.

Heos is meant to have Alexa support but I cannot get it working.
Just wondered if anyone else in the UK had?

I could not get my Heos Speakers or Links working with Alexa.

I’m using Media renderer and Webcore to play/stop the streaming. All I can do is to stop/start playback of whatever was previously playing on the speakers. To change what’s playing, I have to use the Heos app.

I’ve emailed Denon to ask what is going with Alexa integration.

official answer form Denon is that the Heos and Alexa integration is not complete yet.
When it is it wont work with the home cinema system. Poor!

@stevenoliver @billsq created an integration with a HEOS AVR:

Yeah I’ve been talking to them too. So Alexa UK release date is expected Spring 2018, so any day now. It does require an HS2 devices, so those of us with HS1 inc home cinema are out of luck.

I’ve been looking at the Heos CLI, it uses basic SOAP calls, so we could effectively use virtual buttons to run these calls. I did something similar with my TV to run Rest API calls, so not impossible.

I’ve left it for now as I’m waiting on the Alexa integration. I’ve a paid of HS1 Heos 1s, which I’m going to pair with the Heos AVR for surround sound, but I’m waiting on news of an update to the Heos AVR, as I really want Atmos support. If I can get Atmos supports, and use my Heos 1s as wireless surround then I’ll be happy.