Smartthings ADT Water sensor Vs 2018 Smartthings Water Sensor

So what are the thoughts on which one would be better. I am thinking about picking up a few more water leak sensors and both are fairly cheaply price at BB. I have the Smartthings ADT Security panel an already have one of the Dual Branded sensors and it works fine. Is there any reason I wouldn’t wan the newer one other then the fact it can not talk to ADT.

If you have the adt panel, you have to use the adt sensor if you want to use the included monitoring.

Yea… I know, but I am not really concerned about that. I have ADT Monitoring the Security side, but not the Home/Life protect side. Even with that said that is why I am kind of leaning toward the ADT sensor just in case. But i am just wondering if there is a technical or functional reason other then the ADT Montiroing integration to go with the dual branded sensor over the new Smarthings one.

They are both fairly well priced at 17.99 for the new Smarthings sensor and the Dual Branded sensor is 19.99 at BB.

IMO, I would get the adt one in case you turn on the adt monitoring when you go on vacation or something.