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SmartThings ADT Panel Central Station Communication Failure?


(Anil Isaac) #1

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ADT Smartthings Hub "Console central station communication failure"
(Roger Zutterling) #2

Same. Mine has been working fine for the last several months. Starting a few days ago I started getting the same message. Called ADT this afternoon and was lead to believe that it was on their end but alas it seems to be on Samsung side of things. Short remedy was to power cycle the panel (did that) but to no use. It is the same thing. Now Samsung is not open until Monday.

(Darren) #3

Mine has been fine for the past 10 months and I’ve been having the same issues as you described. It has to be on Samsung’s end; so annoying. Is there anyways to shut it up until Samsung sorts it out?l

(Roger Zutterling) #4

Unfortunately from what ADT told me there is no way to silence the alert. They are however saying they are getting alarms AND I guess more importantly they are going to credit my account since it’s supposed to be monitored. It doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzy with their monitoring and lack of 24/7 support for a 24/7 product.

(Anil Isaac) #5

(Ryan) #6

Glad I’m not the only one. I had to sequester my panel into a different room before the beeping drove me insane. Best I’ve been able to do is turn the volume on the panel all the way down. It started two days ago. I had to call ADT to get them to put the monitoring into test mode for a reboot. I tried doing it through the SmartThings Classic app, but the toggle wouldn’t move. I tried doing it from the new SmartThings app and the app would just crash. You can get to your account monitoring through a browser ( but I’m having the same issues there as well.


i m getting the same thing. i’ve rebooted and reset multiple times to no avail. I’ve removed and reset radio module, didn’t work. I removed and reset battery, didn’t work. i’ve put in test mode and reboot, didn’t work. this is an ADT and Samsung network comms issue not hardware.

(Roger Zutterling) #8

Whoever gets to Samsung first on Monday morning please report back!


typical ADT-Samsung going around in circles on where the problem lies. Samsung would be better to go with some other monitoring provider, since ADT is in direct competition with this and has major conflict of interest not to really support. Every problem since I got this system has always been blamed by ADT on everyone and everything else. These type of relationships where customers don’t know who to call rather than just having one help line, is dumb. Now that they raised monitoring prices, too, when my 6 months is up, i’ll just get rid of this thing and use my other smartthings hub and a different security system.


Just talked to ADT, today 10:34am Eastern on 13JAN19. They said that Samsung is aware of the problem and it is shockingly (sarcasm) an issue on Samsung side. ADT went further to state that Samsung advised that if the alert continues and annoying, then you should completely power the system down (uplug if you have ac power) and unplug the backup battery until Samsung gets the problem resolved. ADT said Samsung has no estimated time of resolution (ETR). I asked ADT, so you are advising no monitoring. ADT says yes, if the alert alarm is bothering you then shutting down would mean no monitoring. I’m sure she wasn’t actually advocating no monitoring, just that there would be no monitoring if you did unplug everything.

(Jessica Ervin Hang) #11

I’m having the exact same issue. This is ridiculous.

(Dan Smith) #12

Very glad to have found this thread. I’ve been driving myself crazy reconfiguring my home network thinking that had to be the problem. Now if I can just keep myself from getting so annoyed at the alert…

(Greg Summers) #13

It started yesterday for me, it seems really widespread so if anyone with the ADT panel isn’t experiencing it please let me know. I had just picked up a ton of sensors that Best Buy had on liquidation sale, seems like they’re abandoning it. Of course now I can’t hook any of it up this weekend :persevere:. The timing of the failure with retailers basically giving away the components is worrisome…

(Roger Zutterling) #14

Agreed. I picked up two additional smoke detectors and have two more on the way. Something tells me that BB is just liquidating and not going to carry the Samsung ADT any longer. You can’t even purchase the panel any longer from BB.


trying to explain to ADT that BB Geek Squad isn’t going to be able to fix the Central Station Communication Failure is ridiculous. Whatever towers or network comms switch Samsung is using to route signals to ADT is down or being blocked. ADT is not getting accurate status updates from my panel. They just called me four times since I got home to report that my door has been triggered. So, my panel did not send ADT that I disarmed my system after I entered in the door.

(Mike Fleckenstein) #16

I also have the same issue and it has been driving me nuts. I swapped routers, internet etc. I finally came to the same conclusion as I could have if I had seen this thread. I hope they get it fixed soon. ADT is no help, the folks I got did not even know what smartthigs was - For a service that costs 2X what nest and some of the others are offering, you would think it would be a premium service.

Also, rather than powering down the hub, I just had it forget the wireless network in settings, got the call from ADT and one last broadband failure beep and then no more beeps. I will leave it until they fix it. I am wondering if the cell backup is actually working, but I have not tried it.

(Roger Zutterling) #17

This worked! Now at least the panel is quiet. The cellular shows connected so I would assume the monitoring should be working.

(Jeffrey B Friedlander) #18

I’ve been having this problem too.

Multiple false alarms as well, police were dispatched twice in the last two days.

I have my unit unplugged and pulled the battery. Very frustrating as my home automation no longer works. Even moreso that Samsung doesn’t work until noon Monday.

(Anil Isaac) #19

Join the club. Came home this morning disarmed my panel and a minute later the fault came on. The disarm command never reached ADT and I missed their phone call, thus dispatching the police. I have stopped using mine all together until a fix is found.


i wanna hope that the issue has been resolved, since i haven’t had the alert in over 16hours. spoke too soon…went off again.