Smartthings 2nd Gen won't Auto connect/find my ge link bulbs,

My first generation found my ge link bulbs just by screwing in and turn on. . My 2nd just keeps spinning, searching

Did you reset the bulbs? Turn on/off the switch 5 times and the bulb should indicate it reset by flashing slowly once. Then I turn it off/on again to pair.


I found that GE Link Bulbs are like a toddler on Red Bull: Moments of bliss quickly followed by the desire to throw the object out a window.

In order to do the reset, you have to turn on/off 5x, but make sure you count “1,2,3” in your head slowly at each point in the process. Once the light dims, keep it plugged in and it should reconnect or be reset.

It’s been mentioned in these forums before there is a firmware issue with the bulbs, and they might lose their pairing if there is a momentary fluctuation in electricity, or if power is completely. I had one bulb that needed to be reset weekly, then I bought a new lamp that didn’t flicker and I’ve finally lasted two weeks.

Can they connect to the 2nd generation of smartthings

I’m trying with the 2nd generation of smartthings

I’m using the 2nd generation of smartthings, it won’t connect

I got a new 2nd gen ST and 4 GE Link bulbs. They connected to the ST without a hitch.

Did you do the reset entirely? I found it works best to unplug the whole lamp versus turning it on/off at the base of the light. Our lamps are three-way, so it was hard to get the timing correct. Here is how I reset my GE Bulbs (worked on both v1 and v2 hub):

  1. Turn on the bulb. With bulb on, unplug the lamp at the wall.
  2. Count 1,2,3. (just about three seconds wait)
  3. Plug in the light.
  4. Count 1,2,3.
  5. Unplug the light.
  6. Repeat the on/off cycle (steps 2-5) until the bulb dims and turns bright again (should be about 5x)
  7. Connect new device in smartthings.


Can’t add much in terms of reset as its already been mentioned, but I do have 6 of these in my home on a v2 hub without any major issues.

I will mention that I do get flicker on a set of 3 I have on a lamp but it’s a dimmer lamp so I can’t really blame the bulbs on that one. They don’t flicker at 100%, if you want less, you have to play around with dim percentages to stop flicker.