SmartThings 2017 *ANNOYING* LED

Is there any DTH to kill the LED on these things?

On the hub itself? No. Where do you have yours? Mine is back behind a TV so I never see it.

Mine is right besides my TV stand.

Looking like electrical tape is the only real solution

It screws with 3D-Movie viewing

Then why do you have it right next to your TV? Put it somewhere else. Maybe behind the TV?

Only outlet. Was meant to be a power meter for my entertainment center but, I don’t think I can have something that bright.

You do realize that the hub isn’t a power meter, right? And why can’t you put it BEHIND the tv where you can’t see it? That is the only outlet you have in your whole house?

From what I can tell they are talking about a smart outlet. If so then details of the model, etc would help as it may be a custom handler is available to disable the LED like you can on many devices.

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You’ll notice on the first post I asked “On the hub itself”…sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed in the morning. :laughing:

Yes, I did see that but that question was not answered specifically. At least not the way I read it. If you’re right and this is a hub we’re talking about I’ll butt out.

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It’s the outlet, I am sorry, I forgot to post that.

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It is a 2017 SmartThings outlet. I believe it’s F-OUT-US-2 for the model number.

If you know of a custom DTH that could handle this, I would love to hear.

That LED is so bright, you could use it for a nightlight. Not sure why electronics seem to need to put the brightest LEDs on stuff. If you can’t tell where it is, put on a much less obtrusive source of light.

I don’t have that device so I have no experience with the available handlers, sorry. Hopefully someone else will chime in and help.

Just tape over it. They do sale white electrical tape and I do tape a couple of outlets.


I use this at work to fix stubborn check engine lights. It should work for you also.

Seriously, we have several pieces of electronics with bright LEDs. Black electrical tape works great. If it still insists on lighting up the neighborhood, another piece of electrical tape on top should work.

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