SmartThings 1.7.43-22 update

just wanna to say that the latest update looks bad, UI of each sensor looks so boring and technical, the animation from motion sensor is gone , the thermostat slide is gone and now we have to use boring arrows , everything feels soo laggy on a s10 it feels like a downgrade and i can’t even return to an old version as i cant enter some of my sensor because of that addon update
the icons from automatons look good tho
is there any way to return the addons from the previous update?
the previous version had so much fancier UI now it looks boring and basic

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I wish Samsung QA makes sure not again we customers are in the situation where we dl new release where what we get ? new bugs ? We have no idea what you really did change, what again dont work ? it just keeps going after release after release

You really should improve the infra = ST infra where all the developers are which brings you more

New better GUI doesnt mean all is well underneath…

Maybe the works are on the way but… fix one, bring another bug is another way of saying we are doing day to day totally 0-value work when nothing works

QA for us all customers means, we are not anymore proto testers… you should

I bought the product, as a new customer, i am very not pleased the software is nowhere where it should be on the stability, language etc

Fail Customer once, twice etc… it will have consequences eventually

What are you Samsung really doing ? QA ?

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