Smartthing Outlet Restarting On Firmware Check

I’ve got most of my echo’s running off smartthings outlets and noticed recently that my echo’s are say “Hello” (after a restart) randomly through the day.
Initially I thought the echo’s were doing this themselves as I saw nothing in the logs for the duration:

then I noticed that every time the echo’s restarted that it was immediately after an unlogged firmware check!

Has no one else seen this?
This is happening for every single one of my outlets.What is also surprising is that even though I can hear the outlet click off and back on again, there is zero log in the event for the device as you can see above.

I know when a ZigBee device leaves and rejoins the network, the current firmware is queried. I can simulate the same thing you are seeing if I unplug then plug my outlet back in.

Obviously this isn’t a solution but something else may be going on.

Looks like something is causing all my smartthings outlets to crash and restart at regular intervals across the house. My zwave outlets (which I’ve got more of) do not have this problem. What is disappointing is there’s zero event on the device logs to indicate anything has happened at all.

Think I’ve found the root cause. My hub is getting the typical “hubupdated” events associated with hub reboots around the same time. Something is causing reboots. Loathe to escalate to support to be honest as I’ll get the usual, are you running any non-smartthings device or custom apps, so we cannot support you dialogue coming back.
Not sure why we create an open platform when all we’re expected to run are the (extremely) limited supported device and smartapps in the UK. The fact that I’ve been running these community devices and smartapps for months will have no bearing.

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