SmartThing Multi always showing "open" and position of motion sensor?

Since the Android app came out and I had a few minutes tonight, thought I’d set everything up. Everything looks great so far, but I have one Multi sensor that shows “open” constantly. If I open it and close it again, sometimes it’ll show “closed” briefly but then goes back to “open”.

I thought about just submitting an RMA but thought I’d see if anyone knew of anything silly that would cause this or if there was a way to reset it or some other fix before seeing about getting it replaced. The two other sensors work great.

Secondly, I didn’t see any recommended mounting position for the motion sensor. I’ve seen them mounted in the corners (at the ceiling) of rooms before, but wasn’t sure about this specific sensor. Right now I have it sitting flat with the nub pointing upward until I can figure out how it’s supposed to go. Does it sense motion in the direction the nub is pointing or maybe down the lower divot in the case or what? Any recommendations for best coverage?

Thanks all! Can’t wait to dig deeper into all this.

Regarding the open/close issue…I had that happen as well with one of my multi things and all I had to do to fix it was flip the norrower piece of the multi 180 degrees. Maybe something to do with the polarity of the magnets, or just dumb luck? Hope this helps.

If it was yesterday,
SmartThings had some Cloud issues that were said ‘fixed’ about 4PM.

Good point about the magnet. It isn’t centered so flipping it around can help.

As for the motions sensor, I don’t think there is a recommended way to mount it. In a ceiling corner will probably get you the most coverage, but like you, I’ve got it just sitting on a counter top. I’m specifically using it in this manner so that it only gets the upper half of the room (approx.), this way my dog doesn’t trip it when he’s walking around.

Thanks, all! Flipping it seems to have worked. I popped open the narrow piece and see the magnet glued in there. I could have just popped it out and re-glued it around the other way, but flipping the whole piece seemed to work fine as well. Good tip, klynch!

As for the motion sensor… I have these toy “nightvision goggles” that are basically a webcam sensor and tiny little screen mounted in a head set. They can “see” infrared, so thought I’d take a look with those. Looks like the IR is coming directly out from the nub pointing away from the unit. Straight up if you have it just sitting on a counter. That being said, it still seems to detect in an area to the sides of the unit as well.

If you do an image search for “motion sensor placement”, most seem to be up in a corner of a room near the ceiling. I’m guessing the SmartThings motion sensor would work best that way as well.

Thanks again, everyone! Quick fixes are always better than RMAs. :slight_smile: