SmartThing email Address Change Will Disable All My Devices?

I need to change my email address with SmartThings. I am changing my ISP. I was told that if I change my email address with Samsung SmartThings, all my many devices will become inoperable. Please tell me there is a workaround.

Why do you need to change your username? Leave it as it is; I have an old email address of my wife as user, can’t remember why but I think it was an old registration for a Samsung appliance that we used the first time to register ST. She never uses it, neither do I.

You were told by who? :thinking:

This has changed multiple times over the years, so to be honest, I’m not sure exactly what the situation is, and it would be best if you got in touch with support to find out for sure.

But a few years ago once they made all smartthings account holders get a Samsung account, it became possible to change the email by going into the Samsung account. At least at that time it didn’t lose you any of your device information. You just had to sign out and sign in again with the new email.

Here’s the post about that. But again, don’t do it until you’ve confirmed with smartthings support that that is still true.

If it was smartthings support that told you you would lose all your devices, I believe it, because that used to be the case.

The workaround that time was just to add your new email address as a guest on the account. Guests have full admin privileges so from then on you could use the new email address.

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Thank you for replying. I was told by first level SmartThings tech support that none of my IOT SmartThings would work if I changed the email address. When I tried on the STs site, it was not able to be changed. This is like painting yourself into a corner, it cannot be true.

Hello, thanks for listening!

I am dumping my ISP. I have 20 years’ worth of relationships (banks, credit cards, etc.) I am using the original email address I created with them. When I pull their plug, my email address will terminate in 30 days. Is your wife’s email address still working?

you want to use: Samsung Account Management

on the main screen, tap on your name and email tile, then tap on Manage Samsung account where you can select a new email address.


Tangent alert:

Back in the day when email addresses were tied to ISPs, I signed up for a personal domain at what is now

It includes an email forwarding service so I could transparently forward email to (no that’s not the real address) to my ISP du jour. You can even set up “fan-out” addresses so I’ve got which forwards to both of our email addresses.

Cost is pretty minimal and there have been very few glitches over the years.

It’s all kind of been overwhelmed by stable web-based email but, like you, I’ve got decades of accounts tied to the addresses.

Hello j, I was told by SThings first level tech support, that if I did go to my Samsung account and change email, none of my IOTs would work. I think that is a little screwy. Thank you for input.

Thank you Hal, to be honest, I don’t think we are on the same issue, but I appreciate the reply. I must abandon my email address because the ISP will retire it a month after I happily trash them. I have other email addresses. SMThings says if I change my address, none of my devices will work.

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contact ST support again. If you are in the US, you should call and speak with them directly.

Yes j, I did speak to STs support, that is what led me to the endless wormhole of communities and chat. Have you ever resolved any issue using “community” or “CHAT”? I am here because I am fishing for a silver bullet. Thanks for you input, I appreciate it.

someone changed their password 2 months ago so you can try asking them…

and the reason I mentioned contacting them again is that you may get a different answer from a different support agent or escalate it to a higher level of support.


No, I don’t think so. Just checked now my emails from Smartthings support and they use my present email, as on this community etc. Presumably I added as a guest as @JDRoberts suggests, but I can’t remember.
Cons - I’m missing publicity mailing and if I forgot my password I’ll have no way to have a link sent to reset.

years back in the day when TWC roadrunner came out, i rarely used the account emails. though i do remember i was one of the first cable modem users in my major city area and had to go to a class to get the first modem. it was sooo new back then that i was able to get the support@ email as one of my accounts child emails. I had that for a good year or so until they realized what was going on and CLAWED that away from me. LOL

so, almost form the start ive always used a couple major public emails

I changed my email with Smartthings recently by going into my samsung acount on the web and changing it. Then I logged into my samrtthings account with the new email. I didnt have a problem with my devices working. Now changing your ISP maybe have different results.

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Thank you KK, perhaps I have been getting misinformation from bozos that really have no experience. I guess I will make the email change at Samsung and roll the dice on all the devices, settings and routines.