Smartthing Dashboard

(Fred) #1

I had a problem today with the Security Smartapp that I can’t dismiss an Intrusion message on the Dashboard - Smart Home Monitor. Its a known issue that hasn’t been fixed yet (Android only).
I have been forced to delete the Smart Home Monitor/Security from Installed SmartApps. If I install it again my Dashboard gets stuck in the message again.

Now that I deleted the SmartHome Monitor my Dashboard is empty. Is there any other Dashboard I can use? If so, can you point me to something useful?

Thank you

(Robin) #2

You can setup SHM security with just one dummy sensor which will make the arm / disarm buttons appear again without the alarm actually being functional (just an empty shell to give you an easy way of changing alarm mode)

Then use the CoRE Smart App to respond to events instead.

SHM is armed
(Any of XYZ Contact changes to open OR Any of XYZ Motion changes to active)

Sound Siren
Send notifications
Flash lights
Shoot intruder with nail gun

CoRE install guide and link to the CoRE wiki in post one of the following thread: