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Hello! First time poster to Smartthings Community, but am extremely familiar with the format due to Home Assistant forums running on the same platform.

Short Version: How do I either find or change the UUID from the BLE Beacon on a Smarttag +?

Full Version: I recently purchased 5 Smarttag + for tracking purposes on my animals. I need to easily locate my cats, or at least see what room they are in, so I use a program called ESPresence, on an ESP WROOM 32. The program ties into Home Assistant via MQTT and reports what beacons it sees as a readable room based on signal strength and absorption. Works great with my Tiles, but I like the tones from the Smarttag better, and already use a ton of Smartthings products in my Home Assistant. I can get one Smarttag to work better than anything I’ve used, but I can’t seem to get it working with multiple because they all are reporting the same UUID.

I need to either change the UUID or I need to find whatever the actual UUID is that may be being masked by the tracker itself. I am hoping they don’t have every single one set to smarttag:20

As far as I can tell the MAC randomizes, but the UUID always shows as smarttag:20

nRF Connect:

Then ESPresence Terminal Output for all of them.

1 Close | MAC: 5862b3a111f3, ID: smarttag:20
1 Left  | MAC: 5862b3a111f3, ID: smarttag:20

Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Might be useful. The tags don’t show in

Tagging @SamsungZell just in case he can find out. :thinking:

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Thanks for the QUICK response and for sending someone my way.

This forum was set up many years ago so that customers could help other customers with the smartthings home automation system. There aren’t really employees assigned to monitor the posts here, so you may not get an official response.

You could also try asking in the official Samsung help forum. They do have employees working there.

Get Help - Samsung Community

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I see why your tag says “Helpful”! Thank you again.

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Good luck! Let us know if you find out anything. :thinking:

I recall reading elsewhere that the first model, the “smart tag“ not the “smart tag plus,” did appear to be using the same UUID for all tags. But I don’t know if that’s true for the plus.

Information in this forum has been that the tags offer very little information in the smartthings API, so you wouldn’t expect to see anything in the IDE about them.

Smart Tag API?

I think @orangebucket May have done some research into what’s available.

Well, I am actually going to give up and just go with the Tile for my application sadly. I may keep one for the troublesome cat that I need to scare.

What I found:

Using nRF Connect while connecting the tag brings up a HUGE list of UUIDs attached to the device. Whilst trying them one after another… I realized I am an idiot. It doesn’t matter what I find out on the existing UUID, the only thing that matters is what the program sees… which means all I can do is attempt to change the beacon broadcast id… so… yeah. My B… Thanks for the assistance!

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