Smarttag not visible in webinterface

True. Location wouldn’t make any sense if you are in the same room with your Tag.

So basically these tags do have dual-purpose:
1.) find your item in your close area (when your phone is detecting your tag via Bluetooth): you can use it to find your key, or wallet in your house/room
2.) find your item when it’s lost or stolen (when your phone is not detecting your tag via Bluetooth): information has to pass through community and clouds, so location updates are unpredictable as you said, but still more than nothing.

The point is that you can access this unpredictable-updated location of your tag with your phone being far (over Cloud), but you can not access the same information with a browser (over Cloud) logged in with your Samsung Account.

Also, there are multiple levels of unpredictability: obviously works far better in dense area than in rural.

Apologies for resurrecting this old thread, but I thought it worth noting that SmartTags registered to your Samsung account now appear on Find My Mobile on the web.

@orangebucket: Great news! Thanks for the heads-up!

I have checked, and indeed all trackers are now presented.

Let me roll this just a little further: is there any API, SDK, or library which we can use to get these information?

Thank you, I’m very happy about this now :slight_smile:

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Hi, just wondering if you have had any luck with exporting the locational data of the tags?


now we have nearly 2 years later and there seams to be now change on that topic ?
All Values are “null” … so the engeneering team could not fix/implement this in about 2 years ?

So I think, smarttag and smarttag+ were the wrong choice, but I could not give it back, but I will not invest in any further samsung smarttag device…

really sad…

Sadly not.

I find it a bit puzzling as currently the tag owner can choose whether or not the location of the tag can be exposed to other Location members within SmartThings Find. If it is exposed then those members can access can see the best known location of the tag on a map, otherwise not.

If the location of the tag were exposed to the API as well as Find, the only users who would be able to access it are the Location members, the same ones who already know exactly where the tag is from looking at the map. So I don’t really see where the privacy issue is.

It is not as if the tag owner is being asked ‘do you agree to share the best known location of your tag with other members of your Location an on unnecessarily poor quality map which will make it harder to locate, but not anywhere else, and certainly not making it available in the API where it might have been possible to help you avoid losing the thing in the first place?’, it doesn’t really need any extra permission from the tag owner.


Indeed, and if I want myself (mybe my smarthome system) see where smarttag is… why I am not able to do this…the FIND App wirll als work with an API, so why not for the owner ?

I think more and more for the tags I made the wrong decision… it would be better to use an system from other manufacturer.

It passed several years, still no change on this.

Also, new Samsung SmartTag2 is announced, and have the same limitation, in Web interface and API it shows null for all values, including battery etc.

I still believe this is bug that needs to be fixed by Samsung.
Now, these devices are no of use for me and I am disappointed for Samsung SmartTag2.

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I am running into this problem too. This seems like a major gap in functionality of the API; the privacy counterargument earlier in this thread does not make sense. Is there a plan for this to be addressed soon?