SmartShield and Hello, Home problem

I have a custom device type for my alarm that uses the SmartShield and an Arduino to interface with my DSC alarm. It has been working great for a long time now. My custom device type includes a switch capability which turns the alarm on/off. Using this, I set my alarm to turn on when I say “Good Night” and off when I say “Good Morning”. This was all working great until recently, when the alarm no longer switches on or off. I can see the proper command being called (debug message in the log), but it looks like the message is never sent to the SmartShield. If I call the same command via a tile in the Thing, it works fine.

Here is the line of code that does not seem to do what it should when called from Hello, Home:

zigbee.smartShield(text: "armStay").format()

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with this?

Nobody else seeing this problem? Is it that I’m the only that it doesn’t work for, or am I the only one trying this?

You might be one of the few doing this. I know I and others are waiting for a nice AIO solution or a really detailed how-to. I still think there are outside access issues with arm and disarm; one implementation has this working but it is through a “feature” in the ST environment which I fear could be broken if they re-org their software.

If you haven’t seen it already, you’re welcome to try out my alarm solution. You can find the code (and some documentation) on GitHub -

By the way, I solved the issue by deleting the device for my alarm and re-pairing it. Now it works fine with Hello, Home.